Sunday, January 13, 2008

oh no! more movies?!?!

Eastern Promises - 9.0

Dark, interesting characters with real depth. One of 2007’s best crime/mob film. A must watch.

I Am Legend – 8.6

Another awesome action/horror film starring Will Smith. Although the story was not original, the action and horror sequences were well executed. Very entertaining. Highly Recommended.

WAR – 7.0

How can a combination of Jet Li and Jason Statham resulted in a mediocre movie? Hmm… let’s see: weak dialog, weak action sequences and weak acting performances maybe? But the twist at the end was quite awesome. A fun movie the whole way, but nothing great.

Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow – 7.5

A fun blend of comic books and the 50’s era created a special feeling to the entirety of how the film feels visually. Storylines seems like a copy of another comic book. Although just for a brief moment, Angelina Jolie was awesome in this one.

The Heartbreak Kid – 7.9

Not the best Ben Stiller flick, but still a good one. Although a lot of the jokes lack originality, it’s still as fun as any other good Ben Stiller flicks.

Mean Girls – 8.4

I forgot how sweet Lindsay Lohan was. One really good chick-flick. Funny, pretty visuals and an easy to follow story helped to grab your attention.

American Pie Beta House – 5.0

What?! Another American Pie movie? They really should stop making these stupid follow-ups to a rather great comedy series. A lot of boobies. A lot of bad jokes too. Don’t bother.

School For Scoundrels – 8.0

Although not as funny as I had hoped for, I still enjoyed watching this one. Story was very easily predictable too, but still….

2 Days In Paris8.1

Funny, witty, and surprisingly not as dumb as I thought it would be. The director surely has a weird sense of humour, and I like it.

Happy Killing – 7.4

Another mediocre Korean comedy. It was a funny movie, but it felt too ‘forced’ sometimes.

National Treasure – 7.6

Yet another not so brilliant action movie from Hollywood. Predictable, poor action sequences and quite boring really. Still watchable though.

9th September – 6.4

This is how you copy Korean comedy, in a very bad and disorganized way. Another below than average romantic/comedy malay movie. disappointing. no fun at all. no element in this movie that deserves to be praised, or even mentioned.

Jackass 2.5 – 6.0

Jackass 1 and Jackass 2 was awesome. This one is not.

Lost In Translation – 8.5

The definition of the beauty of silence. I don’t know how the director did it, but they really succeeded in delivering mood and emotions associating with loneliness and emptiness. Recommended.

Stardust – 8.5

This is one good fantasy movie. It’s sad and funny to watch Robert DeNiro acting like a queer though…

Linda, Linda, Linda – 9.4

This might be the best Japanese teen movie ever! The characters felt really real, has depth, funny and absolutely believable; making you felt a connection with them at the end of the movie. Higly recommended, I guarantee you will have fun, no matter what film genre you prefer! After watching the movie, you can’t stop singing ‘Linda, Linda, Linda!’. That melody is going to stuck in your head for a while.

Shoot Em Up – 8.2

What a fucking awesome movie. This movie is fucking crazy, the director and cinematography team must be smoking weed when they’re brain-storming for the action sequences. Coolness prevails in this movie.

Big Man Japan (大日本人) – 8.0

Weirdly funny and totally original. The ending must be the funniest thing in movie industry. Totally Matsumoto!

3:10 To Yuma 8.4

Western film still works, as this film has proved to us. The ending sucks though.

The Invasion – 8.2

A suspenseful sci-fi thriller that manages to grab my attention all the way to the ending. Definitely NOT the best Nicolle Kidman movie.

Old Boy – 9.0

This is the best movie Korea has ever produced. Powerful, violent, cruel, cool, shocking and crazy. A lot of the dialogs were deep and simply too philosophical to be understood the first time around. This film got detail like a Japanese video game magazine. Definitely NOT a movie for everyone, but I highly recommends it.

The Shawshank Redemption – 9.0

I watched this movie several times already but it still manages to captivate me each time. Awesome story, deep characters, memorable scenes made this one a 90’s classic.

Der Untergang (The Downfall) – 8.5

A film depicting Adolf Hitler during his last days. Depressing and dark all the way, this has got to be one of the most impressive portrayal of the evil dictator yet. Recommended.

The Others – 8.4

Nicole Kidman is really talented. She does horror/scary movies just fine. I really like horror movies so I’m very strict with this genre and I can tell you that I like this movie because it has good tempo, some scary scenes and a good, dark, mysterious mood to it the whole way through. Recommended.

Balls of Fury – 7.5

Maggie Q is hot. And this movie is funny too. Ridiculous story but several funny moments make up the lack of intelligence in the story department. So I’m not complaining much.

Azumi – 7.2

Boring. Ueto Aya is not a good choice for the main character. Boring action sequences. Nothing special. Just another Japanese action movie during the era where ninjas and samurais rules japan.

Dawn of The Dead – 8.0

A remake of the John Romero zombie classic. If you like zombies, you are going to like this movie. And it happens to be that I LOVE zombies!

The Kite Runner – 8.4

The tale of two afghani boys in their daily life before the invasion of the soviets. Kids in Kabul during that period do kites. Passionately. Then they got separated and lost contact. Pretty interesting storylines. Good movies don’t have to be in English.

PiGS – 8.2

Surprisingly good! I thought this is just going to be another American Pie clone. It does borrow a lot from that movie, but this movie improves on that genre by bringing good storylines with unexpected twists at the end. And oh, has boobies too.

The Hunting Party – 8.5

What a way to do a movie located in a country torn by conflicts and war. This movie is serious and silly all at the same time while depicting a serious issue about how our international politics works. Highly recommended.

The Polar Express – 7.4

A not so bad christmas animation movie.

Sydney White – 7.4

This is your regular movie made for the girls’ audience. Sometimes it’s just too stereotypical but it’s a comedy so no big deal there. Charming, but not that great. Just watchable.

Ratatouille – 8.5

Another great animation from Pixar. It’s funny and interesting; sometimes suspenseful and scary too. The characters in the movie feels real (in an exaggerating way) and was able to convey real emotions, sometimes better than real human actors. That is why I think the folks at Pixar are a genius bunch. Truly a movie for everyone in the family. This is the best animated movie of 2007, no doubt.

Waitress – 8.6

This is another chick-flick; movies made with the female audience in mind, and it’s a very good one that even males are going to enjoy it. The sense of humour in this movie is strange and charming all at the same time. Highly recommended.

Death Sentence – 8.1

Just your regular ‘revenge’ movie that was done very carefully, following the hollywood action movie textbook. It got action, drama, suspense, sad moments and all. It’s just not so memorable enough. Still a good watch though.

Beauty & The Beast Season 4 – 7.5

Nerds and hot chicks teaming up to win some hard cash. Funny, stupid and not really a good way to spend your time. But like you have anything else to do with your time anyways. Not the worst reality tv show out there.

Kid Nation – 8.5

This is a better reality tv show than what’s out there. Put 40 kids in a ghost town and watch them wreck havoc while trying to manage the town without any guidance from their parents or adults. Pretty interesting stuff.


  1. shawshank redemption is much much much better to be read than to be watched... If you like to read, maybe you should try.

  2. ahh... people said the same thing about harry potter, the kite runner, lords of the rings etc.

    unfortunately, reading is a very time consuming activity for me.

    i never read fictional novels. i only read 'guide' and 'advice' books.


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