Friday, February 15, 2008

just another movie review

From now on, i will rate my movies using alphabets, just like how devil may cry rate how stylish your kills are. *note: s>a

Rise of The Footsoldier – C+

Brutal, violent, unforgiving and shocking. What more could you ask from a mob/crime movie? Interesting storylines with acceptable acting performances made this film pretty watchable; IF you understand raw british slangs, that is. I have a very hard time trying to understand the dialog because it was so… raw!

Atonement – B+

The first part of the movie was brilliant; always keeping you interested in the plotlines about a little girl encountering sexual situations and interpreting it the wrong way, causing the demise of other people’s life. Then the film took a sudden change in pace and tone, from the bright sunny field to the dark, horrific reality of war. While they’re doing that, we were shown how the girl felt so much guilt in what she had done. I know, the title of the movie is ‘Atonement’, but I just hoped they didn’t take the sudden ‘gear change’. This movie’s excitement level is like the resultant graph of typical aluminium’s tensile strength experiment.

Lucky Me – C

A film about a young poker player having problem with his dad; and being a poker player, of course he is going to have money problems too. Eric Bana and Drew Barrymore were not so bad together, but the story was really mediocre and does not bring anything new. Lots of scenes of pro-poker player playing high-stake gambling too. Passable.

Tideland - B

One truly weird movie that tries to portray the bottomless depth of a lonely child’s imagination, and how desperate she is wanting to find a friend; and how the lack of guidance from society could leave a rather sweet little girl alone, helpless in her own fantasy world.

Jeff Dunham Spark of Insanity – A-

One of the funniest stage-performance I’ve seen this year. It’s charming, racist, hilarious and definitely worth to watch. Recommended to those who likes stand-up comedies.

Thin – B

An eye opening documentary about girls struggling with anorexia nervosa and their life inside a medical facility that specializes in girls that is too thin because they eat and throw up.

Curse of The Golden Flower – A+

I wonder what the budget of this epic Chinese movie was. Every single detail in this movie is amazing; it’s so extravagant, glamorous and colourful. The interesting story builds up nicely and was very well paced. The epic fight scene ala lords of the ring was one of the best thing that ever came from china. Recommended.

4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days – A

A Romanian movie about a girl who helped her friend do an illegal abortion. The camera angle and long dialogs really felt like a limited-released Japanese movie, and a good one at that. Issues that the movie was trying to convey is very shocking, and invoke lots of questions in the end.

Gone Baby Gone – A++

Now I have a new favourite director: Ben Affleck! Yeah, Ben Affleck The Daredevil guy. The movie starts quite slowly but when it reach the first half of the film, the tension sky-rocketed and you really can’t help but be engaged with the brilliant story and all the finely crafted twists and turns in the storyline. Very entertaining and Highly Recommended.

Hitman – A

Who would NOT like violence and boobs? To hell with the story, this is the best videogame-based movie of all time! The gun-violence sequences were stylistically mind-blowing and all the other fight+action sequences were very well made. This is a really fun movie to watch. Plus, Olga Kurylenko is the HOTNESS!!! There were also bits which only gamers who played the Hitman series would notice; it was brilliantly subtle that it does not ruin the whole feel of the film. I really hope other videogame-based movie in the future would learn a thing or two from this movie. I would definitely recommend this film even to those who don’t play video games, but LOVES action movies.

Planet Earth – SS

If you have a HD display, this documentary is a good place to start enjoying the beauty of high definition. Every episode has certain focus on certain areas of the earth like the deep oceans, plain lands, jungles, caves etc. and each episode has a certain story and theme to it that makes watching this documentary so much fun and exciting. No production has ever accomplished to shown such beautiful images of various species of animals; from small insects to giants such as whales. Every episode is rendered with beautiful colour and crispness, you really felt like being there, into deep oceans and through the jungles. This documentary takes you into a world full of mystery, suspense, excitement, amazement and all the other awesome English words that describes the awesomeness of planet earth. You haven’t seen HD if you haven’t seen this documentary. Highly recommended.

Wind Chill – D

Scary movies were supposed to be scary. This has none of that quality. The story was not even interesting and leaves you clueless of what have happened throughout the movie. Don’t waste your time with this movie.


A brilliant animation about an outspoken Iranian girl growing up through the Iran-Iraq war and the Iranian Islamic Revolution. Then she was sent to Europe, gained experience about the world outside of Iran, and then returns to her home country once again to be shocked with what the effect the regime change has on her country. The movie successfully portrayed the real hardships of the aftermath of a significant revolution. It is deeply infused with ideological and political motives (it was obvious that the writer is slightly pro-communist or socialist) and that is what I love about freedom of expression: you have to be able to look at something from multiple points of view. Highly Recommended.

Slingshot – B

A very slow paced drama about a mentally ill guy who, after spending a good amount of time in treatment in a mental facility for hacking her mother up when he was 9; got out into the society and met with this kid who always wanted a father figure, in a very small town where every one is pretty conservative. Quite boring actually but Billy Bob Thornton did a good enough performance in this movie.

Elizabeth The Golden Age – A+

A pretty interesting movie with quite an interesting story about the life of Queen Elizabeth I, during her golden age, withstanding a great Spain armada attack. Pretty entertaining, with its melodramatic sequences of romance, drama and what not. But don’t expect it to be 100% historically accurate, it’s a Hollywood movie. Great story and superb performance by kate blancett really helped to make this film entertaining.

A Warrior’s Journey – B+

A documentary about Bruce Lee and his philosophy; his history and his ups and downs. Plus never seen before footage from The Game of Death. Must see for a Bruce Lee fan!

The Eye – B++

I’m a horror movie fan and I must say, the premise of this Chinese scary movie is quite interesting. The story is very simple: a blind girl successfully receives a new, working set of eyeballs. The problem is that her new eyes made her see things that a normal human being can’t. Although I think this movie is not scary enough, there is one eerily scary scene and one twist that distances this film from a lot of other scary movies.

Targeted Osama Bin Laden – B

A pretty in-depth documentary about the history of osama bin laden, and how he became the most wanted man in the world. For a man with such gargantuan evilness, he sure does have a very interesting history.

Leah Dizon: Exposed and Uncut – C+

The only gravure video that Leah Dizon made before coming to Japan. After seeing this, I couldn’t believe how much different she portrays herself in Japan. In America, she has this naughty sexy slut image and in Japan, she’s the most innocent, cutest thing. Amazing how she could bend her personalities and image according to Japanese taste.


  1. Anonymous11:20 PM

    About Leah Dizon, people who have met or know her in real life say that she's a nice person. It's hard to judge what she's really like from watching her on videos like Uncut or on Japanese tv because in both cases, she's playing a role to appeal to her target audience. In the US, she was in the import modelling so she played up that naughty image and of course in Japan, she has to have that cute image. At the end of the day, she's just doing a job.

  2. defend her all you want dude, i'm just amazed at how different she sculpted her image in japan compared to when she's modeling in the US.

    it does not matter to me though, because i like her both. what a beauty! now that we have to agree don't you think?


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