Wednesday, April 09, 2008

hati kama to the Xmalaysians

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If you were asked by a non-malaysian to introduce him/her to Malaysian music, what song would you recommend him/her? For me, Hati Kama by Siti Nurhaliza and Noraniza Idris is the perfect song to start. That song is so uniquely Malaysian! Well, it probably got a little ‘arabian’ influence to it, but no arab song is better than Hati Kama; well at least in my opinion.

Do you have any other recommendations?


  1. Wow, that video an extravagant one. so unmalaysianly malaysian.

    I'd recommend teresa tang's yue liang dai biao wo de xin. well while the singer is taiwanese, i think it's very malaysian because its the only non-festive song that all malaysians should know (or at least are familiar with) regardless of age, gender, race, social class.

  2. **went to youtube to check the song out**

    never heard of this song; and it's soothingly awesome! makes me sleepy because it's so relaxing.

    unfortunately, i don't speak chinese (and i can't recommend someone a song that i couldn't understand myself); and it doesn't scream [THIS IS A MALAYSIAN SONG !!!]

    thanks for the suggestion anyways! now, care to give me another suggestion? please make it realistic this time.

  3. Siti Nurhaliza, Kurik Kundi

  4. to ophy:

    thanks! another good song from siti!


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