Monday, June 23, 2008

blue hawaii + unagidon

it starts to get really hot around here and i'm thirsty all the time.

what better way to satisfy that uneasy feeling of thirstiness, by drinking pepsi's newest limited edition carbonated drink: the pineapple and lemon flavored blue hawaii pepsi!

at first, i was a bit skeptical about buying it. i mean, it's BLUE!

but my curiosity beats my consciousness to be careful with what i put into my body.

the bottle made the same psttstst sound prior to opening. the smell is quite sweet, and kinda fruity too. the taste? hmm lets just say it's not pepsi. and i don't think this is what a pineapple + lemon drink should taste. and i don't even think that if you mix pineapple juice with lemon juice, the result would turn out to be BLUE.

talking about satisfying the senses, one of the things that i like about summer is eating unagidon! (うなぎ丼) unagidon is basically an eel (belut sungai in malay) dipped in delicious tare souce, eaten with white rice - kind of a japanese meal. i ate the new unagidon menu from the nearest sukiya (a famous japanese eatery here) and it's just beautiful.

the combination of the fleshy eel, the sweet tare sauce, the softness of the onsen tamago (hot spring eggs) ; is just perfect, it's an art. just thinking about this made me hungry for more.

anyways, there is a myth that if you eat unagi, lots of unagi, you could 'upgrade' your sexual prowess in an instant, just like tongkat ali. i don't know wether it has been scientifically proven, but i guess i kinda know why such myths existed: a healthy unagi, is one with a long, nice girth with a hard and fleshy body. just like a healthy penis. yap. it's just my theory though.

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