Saturday, June 28, 2008

eating at work

i was starting to make eating lunch in the lab a habit recently. the lab is air-conditioned and cool, plus i could keep an eye on the progress of my current work at the same time so that i don't lose that 'working' mood. gotta keep the momentum going, i need to be focused on the job at all times.

anyways, i ate a 399yen saba bento today. the taste is ok and i can't really complain with the cheap price tag. the volume of the side dishes are also pretty good, with salad, tamago-yaki, etc.

i also got to try this new (at least for me) drink from sapporo: cola float! (picture below) i remember back in malaysia, i love to mix vanilla ice-cream with coca-cola, and it tastes EXACTLY just like that! although the color of the drink itself looks pretty dull and boring, the taste is not! it's very sweet, and creamy! try one!

ganbare ore!

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