Monday, June 02, 2008

久しぶりの Movie Review

I've been very busy lately and didn't have much time to watch movies. Anyways, these are some of the movies that I've watched since my last movie review post.

AVPR: Aliens vs Predator:Requiem – 3.0
The alien movies: awesome. The predator movie: more awesome. The combination of both: dumbest film of the year. Even more ridiculous that Meet The Spartan. The movie has no story, acting and dialog is dumb as dirt, and each action sequence has no logical reasoning and filled with every teen/monster movie cliché ever thought up by dumb Hollywood writers, from the 80’s. Even if you’re a hardcore fan of the alien/predator series, do yourself a favour and avoid watching this film. It’s just very terrible.

Alvin And The Chipmunks – 6.0
I have no high expectations from a 3D Chipmunks movie, but I didn’t expect it to be this flat. Of course, the chipmunks were cute enough (although the original 2D version of them is better) and some of the songs performed in the movie were really good; but you can’t save a movie from being mediocre, unoriginal and flat if the scenes/dialogs that were supposed to be funny (the backbone for this type of movie) are not funny or stand out to be memorable. Anyways, I still think that this film is pretty enjoyable for kids; and it delivers good message for them.

There Will Be Blood – 8.2
'I drank your milk shake! I drank it up!’. What a freaking awesome movie! Although they dragged it a little bit too much in the middle, the ending was worth it. The cinematography, direction and acting in the film is top notch. I couldn't think of anyone else playing the main character.

The 11th Hour – 6.5
Did you know, other than being a great actor, Leonardo DiCaprio is also an environmentalist? Just like An Inconvenient Truth, this documentary reveals the inconvenient truth about the state of our environmental health, and we should all freak out because it’s the end of the world aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! Anyways, I think An Inconvenient Truth is better at giving the audience the facts and solutions, without overdoing the all too much fear-mongering that the media is spoon-feeding us with. Nice effort though DiCaprio, with your name in it, hopefully more people would be wanting to see more films about global warming and be freaked out and panic and go crazy because the earth is getting warmer and our species will die a hot, horrible death aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!

27 Dresses – 7.8
No matter how much mediocre the story and how strong the whole ‘this is a chick flick’ atmosphere of the film, I still enjoyed watching it. There is nothing revolutionary about the film, but this is what you get if you follow strictly rule on how to make a good chick flick. The attention on the emotion, the pretty colours, the attractive cast; and oh, the harmless, Disney-jokes. Anyways, Katherine Heigl... she is nice. Very pretty. I would do sick, disgusting, unforgiving things just to have a quick sniff on her neck. Yes, I like!

Lions For Lambs – 7.5
A pretty serious movie, but you should never took the ideas discussed in the film seriously because I felt it had elements of Hollywood propaganda; only it’s not in a in-you-face nature, which I appreciate. There are 3 stories in the movie; the senator and the reporter, the political science professor and a gifted student, and two determined student who volunteer for military service; and each one of those stories were interwoven in real time in 90 minutes. Really makes you think about how decision makers who decides the strategies in war on terror and PR in the news are tightly associated with each other. You’ll probably be bored if you don’t like political science.

Semi-Pro – 8.0
You see Will Ferrell starring in many funny movies like Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Wedding Crashers etc. You could also see Will Ferrell failed miserably trying too hard to be funny in mediocre comedy movies like Blades of Glory, Bewitched etc. But rest assured, Semi-Pro is a funny movie starring Will Ferrell that doesn’t suck. Although you could criticize him for being too careful to NOT do something original with his character, I think it’s a good decision because at the end of the day, we all want to see a movie where his characters spell out really ridiculously funny lines and body movements. If you love Will Ferrell, you will surely enjoy watching this movie.

The Village – 7.4
The problem I have with director M. Night Shayamalan is that his movies always ends in a very low, boring mood. Still, he is a genius in using music and subtle but ample visual snippets that triggers and builds the emotion of fear in the hearts of the audience. The Village has a very interesting storyline, and there are moments that would make you jump out of your seat. Not the scariest movie out there, but it retain the Shayamalan style and won’t disappoint the director’s cult following.

Vantage Point – 8.2
The director has my praise for successfully making a new way in movie-narrative work so well. Although the story is nothing more engaging or exciting than a few episodes of 24, the way the narrative moves to tell one story from multiple perspectives is quite a change of fresh air in Hollywood thriller movies. You’ll be at the edge of your seat the whole time trying to predict what really happened and what is the real story behind it all. Another good action-thriller movie.

MTV Movie Awards – 6.5
Johnny Depp won Best Comedic Performance for Pirates of The Caribbean over Seth Rogen (Knocked Up) and he also won Best Villain for Sweeney Todd over Javier Bardem (No County For Old Men). Over Javier Fucking Bardem! Stupid Americans. The performance by Coldplay was awesome. The same thing cannot be said to the singing group of American prostitutes, The Pussycat Dolls. The host, Mike Myres is a legendarily funny guy in character, but he made a BAD awards host. All in all, MTV award 2008 is as stupid and useless as all the other shows they have on MTV. I still can’t believe they pick Johnny Depp over Javier Bardem! Anyways, Emma Stone and Megan Fox look super fine, although the latter looks like an idiot trying too hard to be cool.

Funny Games – 7.9
Disturbing, annoying at some point but still a uniquely sick movie about two psychotic young men playing with the life of a family in their cabin. The two must be the most unsympathetic sadists ever, forcing their victims to play sick ‘games’ to satisfy their thirst for entertainment. It’s fun to watch though.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford - 6.9
I don't know why I felt bored watching this movie. I'm so bored that I fell asleep the half way through. With that said Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck made a stellar performance in this one. You don't see many good western movies anymore these days, but this movie surely is something refreshing out of the old genre. Cinematography did a good job portraying the harsh environment of the Wild West, from the forest, the snow and the desert. This movie had all the good elements in it, but I still can't figure out why I felt bored.


  1. Blades of Glory: I actually liked this movie because there was John Heder to draw some attention away from Will Ferell, whom I do not like.

    The Village: I had fun watching this movie at the theater XD because the ending is so WTF that it's actually hilarious.

    MTV Movie Awards: I've always loved this award show ^^. And I love this year's because there was Robert Downey Jr. And Johnny Depp was... hot. Also, it was the *fans* who picked Johnny Depp over Javier Bardem XD. I think that's the point of the awards show though - to be silly and not serious. But I'm so glad that someone else also thinks that Megan Fox was totally acting like an idiot.

  2. robert downey jr ! i like the way he talks... fast, and witty. he has like an original world of his own. the perfect guy to do tony stark, no doubt.

    yeah those *fans* must be dumb american teenagers... i guess it's not so bad though, at least will smith won best actor! woot!

    megan fox... the dress was fine but she looked like she's high on something!

  3. "i like the way he talks... fast, and witty." <-- YES, EXACTLY. :D :D And he's like damn chill.

    I've had a crush on him since sekolah rendah actually hahaha...1993 maybe?

  4. since 1993?!?!

    wow that's a LOT of minutes spent thinking about his 'chill'.


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