Sunday, June 08, 2008

SPI in Sendai

Yesterday I took a 3 hours bus ride to 仙台 (Sendai) to take this SPI test as a part of a job interview with the company I mentioned on the last part of my post previously. SPI stands for Synthetic Personality Inventory; and it was constructed to evaluate the intellectual capability and the personality of the person taking the test.

The personality test was nothing because it's just a simple personality test. The problem is with the intellectual capability test.

The intellectual capability tests were designed to cover different aspects of human intellectuality. They got the usual IQ & Logic test, Applied Mathematics and Linguistic Skills.

The IQ & Logic and the Applied Mathematics portion of the intellectual capability test is quite hard; when you were given so little time to solve too many difficult problems, it went from difficult to ridiculous. The timer that warns you on how many milliseconds you have to answer the questions also adds to the effect of hammering a big pressure on my little brain. Every question has a timer. It’s pretty daunting.

I don’t think that I got even half of the answers right. Even if the questions were in Malay or English, I don’t think I’d do better. I would probably be able to read the questions faster, but nothing more than that; the questions really challenge you to think really fast and be accurate in your calculation and problem solving skills.

The Linguistic Skills questions are worse though. Now I agree with my ex-tutor who said that even an average Japanese university student would have a very hard time answering the questions. The kanjis in the questions are not Japanese, they’re Chinese! I just pick the answers randomly; that’s the only thing I could do! I only managed to understand 3-5 questions; the rest is just rubbish and me finding a needle in a sack of grains.

To sum it all up, it was pretty bad. I did poorly.

Then I took the bus home, watch the men’s valley ball match against Japan and Argentina to the end, went to the surau to be late for an usrah, and then zarul took us to the beach with his brand new altezza.

Got home at midnight, and the telly is playing The Choten Hoteru. I decided to go to bed so I brushed my teeth so that they’re clean and pristine, and open the fridge to get milk. I drank the milk without thinking about checking the expiry date, and it was a big mistake. The milk tastes pretty awful, like puke of bad yogurt. The expiry date was 13th of April. That’s bad.

p/s: Japan won against Argentina in a very long and hard match, to qualify to be in the Olympics, after 16 years of failing to do so. It was a pretty awesome game. They really deserved it, they worked so hard. 超感動した!

p.s.: I'll be going to Fukushima tomorrow for the real deal, the final interview for the japanese car audio visual company. Oh man, I hope it will went smooth as silk. I hope I'll get the job. Amin.

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