Saturday, July 12, 2008

i still watch movies!

Speed Racer – 8.5
I don’t remember having such a blast watching a movie in the cinema. This film is the definition of mindless entertainment. The visual art reminds me of Akira’s biker-gang scene, Audio Surf, Tron and Star Wars Pod Racing. Watching the Mach 5 (the name of the car) doing crazy drifts at high speed around tight corners while flipping left and right trying to get away from danger originated from Speed’s opponents is such a joy! The costume, the chimp, the cars, the tracks; all this brings back memories of my childhood watching Speed Racer. The Wachowski brothers really nailed the feel of the anime into a live-action movie. The ending for the last race is what I would call excitement in an orgasmically climatic build of tension and awesomeness. Go and watch this movie now ! Highly recommended!

Kungfu Panda – 8.0
Another great CGI movie from dreamworks that could be enjoyed both by kids and adults. The story is simple, a lot of funny scenes and the animation is superb. Highly entertaining and I just can’t wait for Kungfu Panda 2 ! Anyways, the storyline of this movie reminded me of Aflin Shauki’s Sumolah! Highly recommended !

The Eye (Hollywood Ver.) - 8.0
Hollywood adaptation of Asian scary movies always sucks, but not this one. Surprisingly, I think this one is actually better than the Hong Kong original. Especially the ending. If you liked the original Hong Kong version of the movie, you’ll surely like this one too. Surely not scary enough for me, but at least it’s not boring.

地下鉄に乗って (Metro ni notte) – 6.5
An ordinary Japanese salaryman got the shock of his life when the subway train he rides took him to his past; unveiling a hurtful truth about the history of his hated father.

The Forbidden Kingdom – 6.5
White boy likes kungfu. White boy got teleported to ancient china where every one is an ass kicking kungfu master. Jet Li + Jackie Chan fighting each other. Freaking awesome fight scenes. Cheezy dialogues at the end.

Be Kind Rewind – 6.8
Michel Gondry (Director of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), Jack Black, Mos Def. Funny film, but not for the masses. Jack Black is being Jack Black the whole time in the movie but Mos Def surprises me the most with his subtle acting performance. The problem I have with the film is how the last 1/3 of the film goes from being really funny, to being too much ‘deep’ with community-warmth messages.

REC – 7.0
Blair-witch project clone. A very good one at that too. A young reporter got stuck in an apartment building with the tenants and was thrown into this game of cat and mouse chase between zombies. The last 30 minutes of the film is pretty fucking scary. Horror fans will love this film.

The Devil Wears Prada – 7.0
I should pat my own back for having the courage to watch such a useless chick-flick. Although Anne Hathaway might be the only reason I stayed to the end, surprisingly, I totally enjoyed it! Predictable storylines and feminine stupidity does not stop me from wanting to watch more of Anne Hathaway.

Dead Men’s Shoes – 6.0
The older brother is in the army. The younger brother is a retard. Some dude bullied the younger brother to his suicide. The older brother attempts revenge. And in the end, there was a cool twist. Extremely boring movie, but the ending was ok.

日本以外全部沈没 (The World Sinks Except Japan)– 4.5
The worst Japanese movie I’ve ever seen in my entire movie-watching life. Horrible acting, terrible story, cheap-ass budget that shows, idiotic storyline; just don’t waste your time with this movie. I recommend watching Catwomen while getting your dick bitten by a sick dog rather than taking the time to watch this movie. Crappy Japanese movie directors, please die a horrible lonely death.

The Golden Compass – 6.5
The special effects were kinda cool but I don’t like how the main character lies all the way through the film, and this is supposed to teach kids what? Nicole Kidman is a milf !

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – 7.0
The beginning was kinda interesting but I slept at the end. Quite boring. The white-bitch was fucking lame as hell.

The Machinist – 8.5
Probably the second if not the best Christian Bale movie I have ever seen so far. If you want to explain what a psychologically scary thriller means, this movie might come on top of the list. This is what you got when you mix Fight Club with Memento. Interesting storyline, superb acting. Christian Bale choose to loose a LOT of weight just for this film, and it brings so much more to the character, how his guilt has eaten the very inside of him, physically and mentally. A must watch. Please, WATCH THIS !!!

The Onion Movie – 7.4
You mix hundreds of satirical news jokes, mixed it with sarcasm and racial slur, put it together into a movie, and you get the onion movie. Pretty funny.

Solstice – 6.0
Just another mediocre teen-scary-movie. You should’ve skip to the last 30 minutes and might enjoyed it better that way.

The Happening – 7.0
The beginning of the movie is very promising but below average acting, boring dialogues, not-scary-at-all scenes and ancient cinematography style pulls you away from being immersed in the movie. Mark Walberg should’ve skipped this movie and be in an action movie where he became the bad guy instead. This might be the first M. Night Shayamalan movie that disappoints.

Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay – 6.0
The first Harold and Kumar movie was not so bad and the combination of the Korean guy and the Indian guy was pretty funny. The second movie, unfortunately tries too hard to be the first one and kept using the same lame joke. If you like the disgusting jokes about vaginas and penises in the first movie, you’re going to like this one too. Be warned that there is nudity in this film, and watching the ‘whore house’ scene while the azan software runs the azan audio, is very, very wrong.

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