Friday, August 29, 2008

the iphone girl

aahh... the internet. another example of how a random 'accident' or small events involving a pretty asian girl with technology could generate such interest that turns into a global news story.

iphone girl is the newest internet celebrity, but like all the other internet celebrities, no-one knows who she is.

a briton purchased an iphone, activated it for the first time and were surprised to found that the 'home screen' had already been set with pictures of a chinese girl who looks like she was working in an assembly line in a factory. it seems like the employers at the testing department were testing the iphone, and forgot to delete the pictures.

click here for the details from yahoo!

i wonder if the pictures were different, would this 'accident' generate as much interest? for example, instead of a smiling chinese girl doing peace-signs, what if it's an angry looking middle aged assembly-line worker that looks like an old men because she's been doing a lot of hard labor all her life?

anyways, someone actually made a website dedicated to her and track her story.

the discussion board that originally generated this story, is now full of people discussing about who she is, how old she would be, would she be fired and so on.

it's interesting to notice that apple are actually using microsoft windows (could be clearly seen on the lcd on the back) to test the new iphones.

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