Tuesday, September 09, 2008

banyak sangat tengok movie nih...

This Is England – 8.2
A story about a troubled boy growing up in England, set in 1983. He comes across a few skinheads on his way home from school, after a fight. They become his new best friends even like family. Check out the lead kid actor! Highly recommended.

God Grew Tired of Us – 7.5
Running from blood thirsty Arab Muslims who were happily slaughtering their family members and raping their female friends in Sudan, a group of young Sudanese boys were sent to America as refugees. Seeing them use electricity for the first time in their life is always fun. The American dream was a sweet one, but reality kicks in rather fast. Work stress, bills, loneliness, culture shock and all the shitty thing about living in the big cities come pouring down sooner than expected. Interesting documentary about The Lost Boys of Sudan.

Mongol – 8.5
The story recounts the early life of Genghis Khan who was a slave before going on to conquer half the world including Russia in 1206. After watching how hard the life of Genghis Khan is before becoming the famous conqueror, you’ll gain more respect of the man. Highly recommended.

Iron Man – 8.2
I never liked Iron Man in the comics because he was such a snob rich bastard with a huge ego problem. The Iron Man in the movies is another story. The action scenes were cool and all but I think Robert Downey Jr. had a much bigger impact than Iron Man himself, which is new for superhero movies. Anyways, although we all now that the terrorists are the muslims, the real bad guys are Americans. U know, just to appear less Islamophobic. Pretty fun movie!

Beaufort – 6.4
The story of a group of Israeli soldiers stationed in an outpost prior to the withdrawal of The Israeli Defence forces of 2000. I was quite surprised that this movie is not pro-israeli. Pretty boring movie though.

The Bucket List – 7.8
Two terminally ill men escape from a cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they die. Starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. Fun and entertaining.

Platonic Sex – 7.5
Based on the real story of the tragic life of Japanese AV actress Eijima Ai. The mood of the film is quite depressing all the time, as the lead character constantly asks the meaning of her existence. I suggest to all those Japanese porn lovers to watch this, because you will see the true reality of how desperate those girls that you adore are to be associated with such a dirty line of work. Except Maria Ozawa of course.

Sex of Magic – 6.0
This Korean movie is all about the journey and hardship of a guy who suffers from premature ejaculation and this problem is heavily affecting his relationship with the fiancée. In contrary with the provocative title, this movie tried tell its viewer that sex is not magic, but can be achieved through sincere hard work and patience. There is a LOT of sex scenes though, and you could treat it as candy in a process of learning about this taboo subject.

You Don’t Mess With The Zohan – 6.0
If you don’t mind the blatant ignorance and how WRONG the film portrays the Palestine-Israel conflict, and you love Adam Sandler, you’ll probably laugh at some of the jokes.

2LDK – 7.0
Nozomi and Lana share an apartment in Tokyo. They have both auditioned for the same role in a movie, and know that the shortlist has been cut down to just the two of them. As they wait the night before finding out who will get the role, their personality clashes violently, erupting into an all-out battle. Unpredictable but simple storyline.

Garoojigi – 6.0
A guy with a penis smaller than a straw drank a sacred potion that turns him into a sex master, banging every woman in his village capable of sex. Then somehow he found love. The normal qualities that you could find in such crazy Korean movies.

Tenacious D And The Pick of Destiny – 7.0
Jack Black disabled the lasers with his cock. Just watch.

Sundome! – 6.0
The boring life of one Japanese high school boy took an interesting turn when a sadistic manipulative girl shows up and gave him an offer he cannot refuse; sexual endurance for some ‘rewards’.

Sexual Parasite – 3.0
This is just another cheap horror/gore/soft-porn movie from the land of the rising sun. A woman has a parasite in her vagina. The parasite eats penises. She needs to feed the parasite so she seduced men to achieve that. Yes, I’m ashamed that I watched this.

Untraceable – 7.8
The influence of computer hacking and sadistic torturing movies like SAW is all over this movie. A teenage whiz set up a website that collects information on how much views the site has, and depending on how much interest the site gathers, the faster his victims would die. An ordinary thriller with some fresh take on the genre.

Dororo – 6.6
Although the story is quite predictable, the action sequences are cool enough and doesn’t disappoint. The CGI looks nice too; a rare quality to be found in Japanese movies.

Step Up 2 The Streets – 6.0
Another boring teen movie about the romantic build-up of two student dancers from two different backgrounds. The dancing scenes were kinda cool, but other than that, everything else is boring.

Out of The Blue – 7.0
The tragic adaptation of a true story where a lonely gun collector went postal in a small town in New Zealand.

American Gun – 7.0
A movie about the endless circle of gun violence in the American society.

Postal – 6.5
Directed by the worst director in the movie industry Uwe Boll, this is the film adaptation of the violent video game Postal. It’s offensive, violent, not so funny but not that horrible either. This is probably the best Uwe Boll movie ever made, and it is still bad.

The Promotion – 6.0
A simple comic story about a guy’s struggle for his job promotion. Easily forgettable.

War Made Easy – 7.0
A documentary about the history of past American presidents, and what they do to achieve their own WAR.

Muhammad The Last Prophet – 7.0
An animation about the life of Prophet Muhammad and his struggle to turn Mecca from a place of idol worshipping to the true Holy site for muslims around the world.

Maiko Haaaan!!! – 6.5
The Japanese would be mad if a foreigner say bad things about the geisha culture, but this film degraded and ridiculed the profession even more than any foreign director could in my opinion. The lead character went from being funny in the beginning to down right annoying to the end. A lot of flashy colors, but little content.

Hero – 7.8
Kimura Takuya is back, reprising his roles from the 90’s Japanese drama HERO. I’ve never seen an episode of the drama, but I can safely say that I enjoyed it. The story was pretty decent, with some funny and actions scenes being shuffled randomly. The last scene in the bar was quite awesome too. Not a bad film, this is.

Hancock – 5.5
I didn’t believe that grade A actors like Will Smith and Charlize Therone would participate in such a shallow, forgettable and down right ridiculous movie like Hancock. The savior of such movies like this is the action sequences; and they failed at this department too. This is a bad movie, don’t waste your time. They should call this Cock Hand instead.

Ninja Vixens Flame of Seduction – 4.0
There are sexy ninjas in the movie and they shoot needles through their big breasts to defeat their enemy in the pursuit of justice! Yay!


  1. Wow you sure watch a ton of movies at one go! Thanks for the reviews of the film festival type of movies (esp Mongol)... will keep them in view.

    Iron Man: Yeah RDJ totally got me interested in Iron Man XD. As a kid I didn't really like Iron Man cos he had no superpowers lol XD. Anyway, in the comics, the war part was actually set in the Vietnam War... and in later publications, the Gulf War... to adjust to the current timeline. They adjusted again for this movie XD.

    Postal: Hahaha I haven't seen an Uwe Boll movie yet and I don't think I want to XD.

    Hero: I liked it, too! The movie actually made me like Takuya Kimura.

    Sexual Parasite: ..... XD

  2. I must agree with Hero. Tetiba aku rasa Takuya Kimura kembali hot plak.

    Yeah, u do watch a lot of movies.

  3. to Adilla:

    i didn't watch those movies all at one go, but i never missed watching at least one movie a day. so the number of movies that i watch in a week is more than the number of times that i spent 'quiet moments' in the toilet.

    although i don't really like artsy movies, i do enjoy watching movies from underdog directors and festival-type films. There is always a couple of gems waiting in those mix of unconventional and unpopular movies.

    to Jismin:

    you're miszunderstood no more?

    good for you... i guess. :)


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