Thursday, October 23, 2008

trailer budak kelantan

(just by watching the trailer) i was pretty impressed with the authenticity of the kelantanese dialogue used. it doesn't feel like it was 'translated' from a standard malay (bahaso luar in kelantanese) script (like jogho), but was written in way that a real kelantanese would speak grammatically, right from the start.

i'm looking forward to this film. the theme seems pretty heavy, which i like.

it is quite ironic though that the people who is living in kelantan will not have the opportunity to watch this... because there is no cinemaplex in kelantan, which is so damn backwards-thinking.

the leaders still thinks that a cinema is a place for blowjobs.


  1. mungkin ia menarik...but, quality film is poor..sayang tul!..but, i will go to GSC on 30th tuk watch it and judge sendiri film ni..Hope..the plot tak macam other typical malay movie...

  2. subtitle blur la.
    x clear..
    bkn kelantanese pasti terkial2. confirm!!

  3. budget filem nih rendah jeh (RM600K aje dengar citer), so pakai camera biasa aje la kot.

    yup, non-kelantanese who is not very familiar with the loghat is going to need the help of subtitles.

    the dialogue is very authentic in grammar and delivery.

    p/s: danny x factor tu org pasir mas juga rupa2nya. hoho baru tau.

  4. tau?bgus2..

    cousin dia pun pelakon gak..iznan@peking..psr mas gak...
    byk bakat2 bgus dicungkil dr,org tk recognize sgt..hehe..catriona ross,dj ean nasrun, and ramai lg...

  5. astaghfirullahalazim..penting sangat ke tahu pasal artis nih?ish2..

    aku tahu ni pon sebab dia datang raya umah sepupu aku ari tu. dengar2 cerita baru tau dia artis.

  6. Hmm yea I'd watch it. Will probably understand 50-70% XD - need my mom!

    The theme is really interesting to me. Goes along with my cynical opinion on some things.

    Eh Danny X-Factor is Kelantanese? Baru tau haha.

  7. @adilla:
    yap dialog kelate dalam film nih memang authentic gila. a first in malaysian movie!

    nak tunggu dia keluarkan DVD version, pastu kena suruh kirim cepat2!

  8. ckp penting..juz give u the details ttg org kg jer..hehe..ahh.abaikan..dnt be too judgemental lah..:)

  9. @NuGhuL:
    when i read my previous comment that i made, i realized that i have over-reacted over a tiny small matter, and i'm sorry for this.

    tapi lain kali jgn guna 'astaghfirullahalazim' senang2 okeh?

  10. ya rite..i think, aku dah misused tht word w'out realize ttgnya..mungkin aku nk gne ayt lain, tapi dat phrase yg prob la bro..nih kan komen jer..

    over-reacted caused by over-excited myb?..kewl!peace!


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