Thursday, October 09, 2008

wo wo wo balik jepun wo wo wo

i'm writing this from the free computer terminal in KLIA, after waiting for this german guy update his flickr, blogspot and his facebook for 45 freaking minutes!

i'm going back to japan today after a two weeks raya holiday in my hometown Pasir Mas. it was worth it, and i'm glad that i did this.

i got another hour before my flight so i was bored to my mind so i got on the awesome internets and i was struck by the 'accusations' of 'ex-skoolmate' from the shoutbox.

give me another chance ok? i may have ignored the friend request by accident. furendo risuto ni tsuika sasete !!!
wait a minute i thought i saw someone i knew, but i don't remember his name. should i apporach him and act like i knew his name and try to fish out the name using dodgy conversations; or should i just be honest and acknowledge the fact that i have serious problem in remembering people's names?

my ass is also sweaty.


  1. writing this to reply your comment yang berzaman dulu which i baru realized...
    i was turned off not because dia tak hensem ke, bukan doctor's just the way he introduced himself!
    tak perlu tayang his career yang konon-kononnya berjaya.
    i'd prefer if he was smooth, pastu lama-lama baru menyerlahkan kehebatan dia. im not the kind of girl who would after a man just because he studied overseas or based on his professionalism. buat ape belajar tinggi-tinggi tapi tak ade personality. betul?

  2. well the main reason why i did the comment was because i felt that it was not THAT bad that he deserves to have his personal information to be displayed in such a manner in your own blog.

    does stating one's work and one's educational history automatically means that one is bragging about it?

    have you had any further conversations with him that made you think that he has no interesting personality, and all that he want is to hook up with women by bragging about his work and educational record?

    i'm not trying to defend this guy, but what you did in your blog was kinda harsh. he might be a nice guy, who knows?

    but i'm glad that you've deleted that post.

    *but at the same time, i do believe that you have the right to do what ever you want with your blog; as long as you don't interfere with other (ordinary) people's personal information that specifically defames him/her.

    just my two yens.


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