Monday, October 27, 2008

yikes! movie reviews!

Wall E – 8.8
Although this latest CGI movie from Disney is not as awesome as The Incredibles, Wall E is a great movie that could be enjoyed by kids, teenagers and adults. The main theme of the story resonates very well with the current eco-buzz and the CGI animation was top of the line. This is an easy movie to like and an easier one to watch because it is engaging, fun and entertaining. Highly recommended!

Wanted – 7.5
Never take this movie too seriously because this is one of the stupidest action movies this year. Treat it like an over the top adaptation of a manga turned into an 80’s hong kong action movie with an excessive touch of today’s latest technology of hollywood’s CGI action sequences. The action scenes are fun and exciting, but most of the time it is too serious in being too ridiculously dumb. You are not allowed to think when watching this movie; just try to absorb the visual treat that was presented.

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of Crystal Skull– 8.0
They don’t do movies like Indiana Jones anymore these days. This is the example of how a big Hollywood director with tons of money to spend would make a movie. First you introduce the main character and the dumb story that they’re going to be in, then you throw in a HUGE chuck of adrenaline pumping entertainment elements in it, and you’re done. The past Indiana Jones movies were really fun to watch because it portrays Indy in incredible places with impossible consequences. The latest comeback movie still retains that formula, but George Lucas really double or maybe tripled the action sequences; and that makes up for the boring first half of the movie. The camera angle, cheesy dialogues and fight scenes felt really like an Indiana Jones movie, and that is good and bad both at the same time. I saw this on blu-ray and it was brilliant! The first half of the movie is dead boring, but the second half is awesome! Recommended!

Step Brothers – 7.0
If you liked the weirdness of Talladega Nights, you’d probably like this one too. Weird, uncomfortable jokes are thrown around randomly throughout the movie to keep the ‘funniness’ level on average, and it stays that way. This is indeed, your average comedy movie, and Talladega Nights is way funnier.

Bad Taste – 6.5
Peter Jackson’s debut film is a cheesy splatter movie that has an excessive amount of guts, intestines, brain splatter and all the other gory elements that you would expect from an 80’s horror movie. This film is bad and good all at the same time.

If I Were Superman – 7.4
'If I Were Superman' is a fantasy Korean comedy about this lady journalist who followed a man who claimed that he's Superman who has to help save the world. At first glance, he seemed to be mental but as the story goes, the journalist slowly found out why he became this way. This film was supposed to be a tear-jerker but unfortunately, the ending was so obvious that I felt empty watching it. The first half of the movie is really fun to watch though, as you observe the main character’s foolish ways of going out all the way to help people in need.

Miracle of Giving Fool – 7.2
I’ve never watched a Korean tear-jerker that focuses on the love of a brother to his kid sister, like the one portrayed in this movie. The use of a retard character to fish for sympathetic emotions from the audience is an old movie-making trick, but it worked pretty well and the director did a good job in keeping the constant sappy mood the whole entire movie. I just thought the director took too much time in building the main character before moving into the real meat, making the movie a little longer than what it should be for a simple story that it has.

Miss Gold Digger – 5.5
The title says it all. This Korean movie is about choices and sacrifices a woman has to face in her relationship with several men that have the potential of providing her with money. Too bad the story is not ‘crazy’ enough and not so entertaining.

Grizzly Park - 5.0
A group of ‘troubled’ teenagers went to a wild park, and then a big bear came and tried to kill them all. Dumb, and not scary at all.

Reincarnation – 7.0
The movie starts with a high note and sets a nice mysterious vibe to the story, but it gets convoluted quite fast and leaving the viewer more confused than they are scared. This Japanese horror has its ample amount of scariness, but you have to pay close attention to every detail to fully understand the story.

OneChanBara – 5.5
Based on the cult Japanese video game, the story focuses on one onechan (お姉ちゃん – means big sister) who wears only red skin lingerie while she slices zombies with her samurai sword. The acting was bad, the special effects were laughable and the story is as lame as any bad fictional Japanese movie with low budget; but the last fight scene with the high school girl samurai was not so bad.

SNUFF: a documentary about killing on camera – 6.0
This documentary got several people to talk about snuff films, their origin and why they’re called mere urban legends. They also revealed the back story behind some of the popular 80’s snuff movies like Faces of Death and Cannibal Holocaust. Just like the sub-title, this is a documentary about killing on camera, and sometimes enjoying it.

Stop The Bitch Campaign (援助交際撲滅運動) – 7.0
During the Japanese economic crisis during the late 90’s, the social sickness of the Japanese youngster was at its peak, especially with the trend of high school girls who involved in prostitution through telephone clubs around Tokyo. Two guys who worked at a telephone club were so sick and tired of this social problem, and decided to help the Japanese society and established a plan. The plan is to set up a blind date for paid sex with random high school girls, rape them and then leave them humiliated without paying them. Based on a manga, the story was quite bizarre and least to say, their plan didn’t went as smooth as they would hope, because every character in the movie is fucking evil. This is one crazy Japanese movie.

Duyung – 4.0
Just another really, really BAD malay movie. Apek Saiful tries too hard to be funny in this one, and it is very uncomfortable to watch. This film is extremely boring; because the story introduces too little interesting plots throughout the movie. Ignore this shameful failure.

Cicakman – 5.0
Movie budgets, especially for a fiction movie, really does matter. The visual presentation of this movie is acceptable when you think about the limited budget, but the horrible acting, uninteresting story and the desperate attempt at comedy are just too frustrating. You want this local adaptation of Spiderman to be good, but it is just too boring and lame. I know this is just an experiment from KRU; but bad experiments will lead to good ones, IF you’re patient and work hard enough.

Camp Rock – 6.0
The story and plot development is so fucking lame and cliché, only 10 years old girly girls are going to like this movie. Why do they make the same movies over and over again?

Otai – 3.0
This film is a shame for the Malaysian film industry. I’ve seen a lot of Malay movies for the past 23 years of my life, and I can say that this is the WORST Malay movie that I have ever watched. The main theme of the film degrades women and the poor, the acting was terrible, the jokes were fucking lame and there is not a single element in this film that is good, except Nasha Aziz, IF you’ve watched the video taken by the peep-freak at her apartment some years ago. I really think the director; Prof Madya A Razak Mohaideen should quit the film industry and stop tarnishing the overall quality of Malaysian movies. What the fuck was he thinking? Seriously. Where the fuck did he got his Prof Madya title? If any of you are a student of this prof, don’t ever listen to him when he tries to school you about how to make film, because it was obvious that he doesn’t realize that he has no talent or the intelligence to make a decent movie. He might be a genius in a lot of things, but making movies is not one of it. Stay away from the Malaysian movie industry, please! End of a ridiculously long rant.

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