Thursday, November 06, 2008

it is all about obama

the prediction is true, obama won!

from now on, it is not about [YES WE CAN]

but more to [CAN OBAMA CHANGE?]


it is already proven that obama has the ability to run a country; and this is backed by how good and organized his election campaign was. he was able to find legions and legions of volunteers to work for him; reaching out to younger people and even to those who has no interest in politics before.

he is also a genius in raising funds; by utilizing the ease of internet banking and social-network sites, it was estimated that his campaign fund almost doubled or maybe tripled his competitors. having an advantage in funds is always a good thing in politics.

it also happens to be that he has a very charismatic voice, and his speeches bring about an ample amount of hope to the people in these dire times. his speech writers are experts in writing speeches that reflected the people from the bottom up, not the other way around.

last but not least, ANY president after george w. bush is going to be good enough for everyone at the moment. lets be honest here, obama is a young cub in foreign policy, but of course, he has joe biden to counter that argument. barack obama has the aura of goodwill at the moment, and he best put that good impression to good use.


it took the americans about 104 years to let a minority hold the biggest job in the country.

how many years would it take malaysians?

who knows?

but obama is proof that in america, anything is possible.


change is imminent.

but like his previous predecessors, the united states would do what ever it takes to please their fellow jewish lobbyist. obama even said that he will make sure an undivided jerusalem for the israelites.

he has also started to almost 'nag' the world on how he is against iran from obtaining nuclear power, even though iran has no intention of obtaining nuclear weapons, by the words of ayatollah ali khamenei himself.


these are just some of my knee-jerk reactions to the new obama presidency.

he deserved the win.

but real CHANGE comes from ACTION, not just charismatic speeches. lets just hope that he IS the president that the americans and the whole world is waiting for, all this time.


[I'm not perfect, but I promise to be honest] - barack hussein obama II

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