Monday, December 22, 2008

M-1 Grand Prix 2008

i just have to post this.

last night the asahi broadcasting aired the annual M-1 Grand Prix 2008, and what a great show it was. every routine by each of the 9 manzai duos were terrific and high in quality; and my favorite one was from オードリー (O-DORI-) during the first round. just watch the video below:

i thought they (O-DORI-) are going to win, but the winner goes to NONSTYLE, which is totally fine by me because they're funny too.

with the year 2008 coming to an end, i'm totally looking forward to more entertaining annual japanese tv specials. this is the time when japanese tv went really crazy with their ideas to produce awesome tv shows.

come on, come on...

i recorded the video below (click link to reveal it) during the announcement of the winner.

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