Friday, December 26, 2008

year end winter break

I’ll be away for a while for winter holiday.

Tomorrow I will be attending the Malaysian Night held by MSAJ at Chofu; the next day would be spent at Ekoda, Nerima to reminisce the old times and perhaps I might take a quick visit to the Japanese language school that I used to attend to in Okubo too.

Wow, I have no grasp of my own grammar; and don’t care about correcting it because I got little time to do that. I’m busy packing stuff for the trip.

Anyways, today I got a mail from my (future) company.

Along with some documents and contracts, they also sent me a nice calendar, a self-help book on working in a company… and a manicured fake nail, probably it fell into the mail package when the human resource lady was preparing the mail for me (third picture).

I’ll be off to Tokyo tonight. I'm sure I'm going to take some photos and write about it.

Time kat Tokyo nanti, Zarul ajak pegi maid café kat Akihabara. Takkan aku nak tolak kan? Kalo bole, nak cari maid massage skali. Maid korek teliga pon mcam best.


Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to everyone!

May you have a great one!

This is Sugimoto Yumi, holding fruits ;)


  1. Lol ok, the fake nail is creepy.

    Hey post some pics of the maid cafe, will you? I'm curious XD. Have fun on you trip!

  2. we didn't get to go to the maid cafes bcoz of time constraints !!!

    that sure does suck but everything else was fine, so i can't complain much.

    but i'm sure i'm going to actually go to a maid cafe in the near future, and then blog about it.

    but not this time...


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