Sunday, May 24, 2009

new mubie rebius!

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button -8.2
The concept of Brad Pitt getting younger as he grows ‘older’ was pretty intriguing, and the small stories that filled his life was pretty memorable and there was never a dull moment in the movie. Check out the teenager Brad Pitt, what an amazing job of special effects, CGI and make-ups. Recommended!

Queen of Langkasuka – 7.1
What a great attempt to tell a story about Malay-Patani’s ancient governments and the politics at that time. The story is mediocre but the action scenes were decent enough, and you could see how much effort done on the costumes and stage sets to put the audience on one immersive movie-watching. This is not the greatest movie from Thailand, but I kinda recommends this to Malaysians, to take a note or two about passion in film-making.

Ong Bak 2 - 7.0
Tony Jaa is back with another action movie that is crazier and cooler than ever! And like most of his movies, this one also has a shitty story line, but that doesn’t matter because the fighting scenes were fucking awesome! Thank you Tony Jaa! Make more movies please!

Extreme Movies – 7.5
This movie has no story, but it’s freaking funny, if you don’t mind dirty jokes about sexually frustrated American teenagers. Some of the jokes are really disgusting and sick too, so I guess this means that all young Malaysian males would LOVE this movie. HAHA!

Watchmen - 8.0
I've never read the graphic novel, but I still enjoyed watching this movie and getting to know the story about the Watchman universe. I’m really impressed by how much content were crammed up in this movie, it’s full of mini-plots and stories! Recommended!

Yes Man - 8.0
Jim Carrey is back! and he is not in some weird artsy kind of a movie, but a really light and easy to enjoy, romantic comedy! Yay! Not only that, the movie's main theme is about self-improvement, and I'm positively affected by this message, and I'd really want to be a YesMan too! Like I said before, this movie easy to enjoy and very light, perfect for a lazy evening. You must watch this! Recommended.

Los Dan Faun - 6.5
Aflin Shauki makes decent comedies from time to time, but this one surely is not one of his better ones. The story was bad and predictable, the acting worse although I understand that it was intentional but too much is just too much. I see no improvement from his previous movies, he still uses the same amateurish camera shots, pacing was bad and the jokes worse. Disappointed.

Fanboys - 6.0
Not all that hilarious but if you're familiar with the star trek vs star wars 'thing' among the fanboys, you'd probably get a decent laugh or two.

Role Model - 5.0
Clearly not the worst comedy movie out there, but this one just didn't have enough good jokes to hold one's interest. Ok scratch that, this movie sucked balls and you should never waste your time watching this.

Seven Pounds - 6.5
I'm a big fan of Will Smith, and I am disappointed with his latest effort. The film relies too much on holding out information to reveal it later for a 'surprise ending' effect, and unfortunately the pacing was weird and took down the whole movie with it. I still like Will Smith though...

The Day The Earth Stood Still - 5.0
This is a remake of one of my fav 1950's movie (I've reviewed it some time ago link), and I had such high expectation, just to see it being crushed and squished in the hands of idea-desperate Hollywood movie makers. I'm done writing about this failed attempt... Don't bother to watch this.

Doubt - 7.4
A strong acting performance really do gave a movie that depends on a strong script, the living-boost it direly needs to make it as real, and as intense as it should be. This movie has an interesting story with the backup of good acting; it just didn't have much content to keep the high tension and stress on a successful reclining slope.

Push - 6.4
Push wants to be cool, but the story is unnecessarily convoluted and so predictable. Some of the action scenes were at least interesting to watch...

Quantum Of Solace - 6.6
The previous Bond movie with Craig as the new Bond was pretty good, but unfortunately this second installment is not. They downgraded everything, the story, the action scenes… even the hotless level of the Bond girl! Dissapointed!

Cinta U-Turn - 2.0
Why do Malaysian movie-goers still watch movies made by Prof Madya? I mean that is the only reason why this Prof are able to finance all of his horrible movies and continue to gave shame to all us civilized malaysians. This guy is so influenced by the worst Bollywood movies ever made that he desperately copies every fucking cliche, every fucking nonsense and every fucking moral demeanors concerning the shithead rich peoples and their closed view of the world. There is no use to further defile this movie, because it stinks more than Fasha Sadha's shit. Anyways, I think the only encouragement to watch this movie is the probably 'chick power'. Fasha Sadha is pretty, and she shook her ass in this one, although her technique could've been better. But as obvious as it is, sprinkling diamond dusts on a pile of shit, still makes it a pile of shit. Avoid this failure at all costs. I can't wait to watch Prof Madya's latest movie, Rasukan Ablasa though. He has been at such a low level, the only way is up! Hopefully....

Chermin – 6.0
The story seems interesting but Natasha Hudson surely can’t act properly. This is a Malaysian scary movie, and they have the decent scares. Anyways, I was so bored that I fell asleep during the end, go figure!

American Psycho – 7.4
The story about a young American businessman who is obsessed with perfection and being at the top. He also has a weird hobby of killing whores with chaisaws. A total American Psycho!


  1. semua student prof madya WAJIB tgk film die n wat review psl film tuh..kire assignment meka ah..

  2. LOL patut la Prof Madya tu tak sedar yang dia takde bakat + sense dalam film-making!

    student2 nya tu takkan la berani nak beri pendapat jujur tentang film2 nya dalam assignment yg diberi...

    haish, macam mana la industri perfileman malaysian nak maju macam ni... tuk guru nya yg paling tak reti...

  3. yup..haruslah..kalu tak mau repeat same paper byk kali...n so salah 1 sebab kenapa kita tengok walau film tuh sehaprak mane pon still keluar kat paper "jumlah kutipan yg kami dapat sangat memberangsangkan"..haruslah..students aku p penuh panggung..huaa..

  4. LOL mcam tu cara dia dapat balik modal buat filem2 yg teruk tu... hahaha patut la dia Prof Madya! memang bijak pon hahaha.

    anyways, are you one of his 'lucky' students?

  5. am i da lucky one?? satu kampus dengan prof madya tuh.setakat selisih bahu dengan selisih kereta belaiu dengan kiteorang punya kaki adalah..ehehe.semua cerita tuh students beliau yang bagitau..takda reka-reka.

  6. ooo gitu... apakah perasaan anda setelah berselisih bahu dengan pengarah filem yang paling teruk lagi memalukan industri perfileman tanah air ini?


    i bet his students constantly talk shit about his movies behind his back.

  7. haha.
    mungkin kot..

    masa mula2 terserempak first impression aku adalah "owh dia memang tinggi"..then dah banyak kali jumpa macam tak heran dah lah..dia pon agak sombong sedikit r dengan kami-kami yang bukan students beliau..lagipun banyak lagi film dia aku tengok lagi..

    btw taopix..bila nak wat movie reviews lagi?aku ada sesetengah film aku donlot berdasarkan reviews anda..heks..

  8. i plan to publish a new set of movie reviews soon, so stay tuned!


    tapi memang betul la... aku nih memang tengok banyak sangat la movie... huhuhu dah lebih drpd hobby nih... is this normal?

  9. haha..

    soon...cepat sikit la..ehehe..


    it's hard to say la..maybe or maybe not..but for me..kalau yang tak tengok movie tuh kot yang tak normal..hehe..terlebih tengok macam ko lak namenye...urm..movieholic??hoho

  10. haah dah letak dah review baru!


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