Monday, July 06, 2009

no time for blogging anymore?

i knew this would happen.

ever since i started working, the frequency of new posts here dropped to an unexpected rate.

the reason is quite clear.

i don't really have the time to write as freely as before.

i got home every night, late and tired like a child labor in china making your nike's.

being the lazy ass that i am, i 'll try my best to complete the most basic chores before i could go to bed with the most minimum amount of efforts.

chores like preparing for dinner, taking the shower and maybe doing some light cleaning.

on weekdays, i would woke up very late like a jobless loser, and spend most of my weekends going out, venturing strange Japan; or just avoid the sun completely by staying in playing video games and watching movies.

LOTS, and LOTS of movies.

and i don't really have anything to write.

and even if i do, it would probably be something so inappropriate, so disgusting and morally sick, that it would be wise if i just keep it to myself and among those personally involved directly or indirectly.


because i am not a student anymore.

i gotta be careful with what i write.

but i guess a couple of pictures of sexy japanese girls in a nurse cosplay won't hurt.

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