Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sumidagawa Firework Festival Summer '09

Hanabi Taikai (花火大会 - Fireworks Festival) has been a favorite summer event in Japan for hundreds of years, and this tradition is still on the top list of the things that the festival-loving Japanese people loves to do during summer.

I've been in Japan for more than 6 years, and I have never missed going to a Hanabi Taikai at least once a year, and for Summer 2009, last Saturday I went to the Sumidagawa Firework Festival, one of the top 3 Hanabi Taikai in Tokyo.

This was also my first time going to a Hanabi Taikai in the Kanto Area.

Different from my past experiences in Nagaoka, Nagano, Akita etc, Hanabi Taikai in Tokyo is quite different; the number of people attending was just staggering.

Upon arriving at the Hikifune Station, I could see thousands and thousands of people, with many girls in pretty yukatas, flooding the street.

The nearest combini was prepared with extra food for the many crowds.

It's good business.

I went to this Hanabi Taikai with my fellow co-workers (about 20 of us), and some of them are determined enough to get a good place for us that they went to secure the place at midnight, about 8 hours before the show started.

Impressive determination, and I am very thankful for them because if they didn't do it, we would probably end up sitting on hot pavements.

Before the show started, we went to find food.

Then it began.

Everyone was locked looking at the sky.

It was just brilliant.

I hope I could do this again every year.

Anyways, of course watching fireworks while having fun with your mates is great, but using your camera's fantastic zooming capabilities to 'further one's horizon' is also another great dimension of fun, too.

Here we could see that even Japanese girls dig ipod touch! That's the only motive of the picture above: to show you that there are Japanese girls who owns an ipod touch, and they're really into using it that sometimes they forgot to err... put their drinks on more suitable places?

Yes people, you can thank me on the comment section! ;)


  1. rehet3:10 PM

    hahahaahahahahahahaha... thank you... aizaimasuu !!

  2. taopix FAN!!!8:50 PM

    after the very serious post about religion conversion in Malaysia, you gave us white japanese panties!

    i cannot decide whether you're a talented thinker, or just a plain rude pervert.

    that is why i'm a fan!


  3. @rehet: douitashimashite! you can always count on me!

    @taopixFAN: when it comes to becoming a fan of some random blogger who writes about stuff that has no importance in the development of our civilization, you can't go wrong with ME!


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