Thursday, October 15, 2009

rearanging the new room

i'm extremely bad at placing things in my room to make it look like something that humans could live in comfortably.

it has just been a month since i moved to toyota city, and i'm thinking about doing this thing they call 'interior design'.

i start with nothing at all.

then i mess the whole thing up with stuff from my previous apartment.

then i made little effort to look more civilized by placing an unfinished metal rack and a reclining seat on random spaces.

then i bought a tv, a computer table with side-rack and a computer table.

aaahhh i'm too lazy for this shit.

as long as i can watch おねだり!マスカット (Onedari Masukatto) every Sunday in HD, i'm OK.


  1. The final result is good enough. U're not that bad dude.
    What's that on ur chair? ur dinner? LOL

    Wahhh i so like ur big screen tv weyyyy can i come and watch some HD stuff in that? hehe

  2. you can come anytime you want, as long as you bring along some kelantanese sweets!

    rearranging the room, i try to focus on practicality... when that is done, i'll shift into visual improvements!


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