Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 winter holiday gaming plan

It is the winter holiday season again, and what better way to spend this cold season locked up in front of the big screen playing video games?

This year I got games covered throughout all the systems.

Modern Warfare 2 for the PC.

Grand Theft Auto Episodes From Liberty City for the XBOX 360.

God Of War Collection for the Playstation 3.

Nothing for Nintendo Wii because I don’t own one as I never considered it as a gaming console. Although stories of guys who successfully lured women into their caves with the help of the Wii are quite enticing, I know I’m not that desperate.

Modern Warfare 2’s single campaign was pretty fun; with that ‘epic feel’ going on from start to finish. Lots of explosives and lots of shooting people on their faces with modern weaponry that could fill 10 Bruckheimer movies. The multiplayer was even better, but they got nothing compared to Battlefield Bad Company 2. Cannot wait for that game to come out!

GTA Episodes From Liberty City contained the 2 previously released downloadable additional content (the lost and damned + ballad of gay tony) and both episodes were nothing short of spectacular, although having different ‘feel’ and atmosphere to it. It was also cheap, and probably the best deal in gaming for 2009 for how much content it offers yen to yen.

God Of War Collection ports God Of War I & II into HD, and put it into one bluray disk at a low price; how can that be bad? Although an already old game, a good game is a good game, and the HD fix made it compatible with today’s high definition TVs. Cannot wait for God Of War 3!

With all the time I got, I am not very sure whether I could finish all 3 games during this holiday. Hell, I got tons of more games to finish… and I haven’t even opened the plastic wrappings for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 yet!

And I still haven’t finished playing the first one yet!

Plus, both are really, really old games already!

Time, is something that I don’t have.

What's YOUR gaming plan this holiday season?


  1. god of war collection!!!
    tu ade pape ke yng improve?

  2. graphic sonomama jeh.

    cuma dia up resolution jadi 720p.

    still looks nice though.

    plays better with 60fps.

    never played god of war 2 before, so this is one real sweet deal for me.


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