Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Win 7 Network Hassle

I remember praising Microsoft for their effort on Windows 7.

Well, I take that back.

Because they made resolving network problems such a pain in the anus hole of chipanzeez godamnit I don't know how to spell the closest species to humans correctly!

A couple of weeks ago, I suddenly cannot access the internet.

It says (by it, I mean the network and sharing center) that I got only Local Area Network but no internet connection.

So I did the obvious, and checked my ipconfiguration through cmd>ipconfig/all

Everything was OK and pinging the default DNS server gave a positive response.

Then I tried pinging google but to avail. 100% failure.

I understand that there are thousands and thousands of reasons for this, but after changing my LAN Adapter (yes, that’s a hardware change) and upgrading it to the latest driver (I have another computer with Win XP running flawlessly) with no improvement what so ever, I cannot avoid from being angry; anger management can't fix my network problem can it now?

I tried releasing ip through cmd>ipconfig/release and then force it to generate a new one through cmd>ipconfing/renew but nothing changes too.

I even tried the cmd>netsh winsock reset catalog command but still, nothing happens.

I am pissed like a muslim from a third world country in a stupid cartoon demonstration.

I must admit that I am very new user to vista and win 7, and I got me some heavy fast reading through the internet to get a hold of the idea of the new ip protocol, the Ipv6.

I tried turning off Ipv6 and just use Ipv4, and still nothing improves.

Even my last effort, the hidden card; to make a OS reinstall did not improve the problem. I am scratching my balls and pulling my hair for this.

At this point, I realized that I have used my entire network troubleshooting knowledge, so I decided to bring the computer to the professionals.

I put the darned heavy beast in the car, and drove to the nearest PC DIY store.

The computer guy boots up my computer, put the Ethernet/LAN cable in, and magically, the damn thing got internet connection!

It's like David Blaine is hiding there somewhere with a hidden camera to capture my reaction to his latest magic trick. Damn you David Blaine! You're so fucking cool.

I am so pissed that I really want to slap that computer dude’s face with a HUGE wood dick that they used in Penis Festivals in Japan, even though he did nothing wrong. I just hated his unnatural smirk that he has on his face, a common facial feature in geeks.

So my hardware is 100% OK, and this means that the real culprit is my ISP, or maybe it is just a compatibility problem between my LAN Adapter and NTT's Hikari Fiber line.

So I contacted my apartment’s administrator to get hold of NTT so that I could ask their DNS server because I want to manually set up my network for my new but troublesome core i7 Win 7 setup; but they said that NTT cannot give that information because of security reasons.

Does NTT really know their own shit?

How the fuck could I invade their security by just knowing their DNS server address?

I can’t believe this shit is happening to me during this cold winter holiday; I could have been bothered with something else!

I need to talk to the NTT guy personally, and I’m going to smack his ass on the phone; because the act of smacking ass through physical means is illegal in Japan, and I am a good citizen.

And this does not mean that Win 7 is not a partner in crime. The new HOMEGROUP network setting is such a hassle when one wants to link to another computer using OS other than Win 7.

Bad, bad boy Microsoft.

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