Thursday, February 18, 2010

no overtime today

it felt like a dream.

i don't have to do overtime today!

so i'm going to use the little time i have to talk about things that people like to read.

so i was in the lab, preparing to do some experiments.

some people might hate spending time in the lab because the place smells thick of seriousness and nothing more but work.

but i kinda like spending time in the lab.

because the people stationed in the lab is quite a unique fun bunch.

today i am going to introduce 2.

first one is the outsourced 'hentai ikemen'.

hentai means pervert and ikemen means 'hot guy'.

the hentai ikemen has a reputation of being the most 'ikemen' in our company.

but he is a dirty pervert, indescribable with mere words.

then there is the high school graduate 'kawai panic baka'.

she gets excited with everything, full of curiosity and basically... a little stupid.

but she's lovable because she's a very cute kid.

both were stationed in the lab to help out with experiments and measurements.

i don't know how it started, but me and the hentai ikemen were talking about breasts.

talking about breasts at work might be taboo in some cultures, but japan's just cool like that.

from talking about any breasts, then we started to discuss about kawaii panic baka's breasts.

hentai ikemen: your breasts must be small.
kawaii panic baka: that's an awful thing to say!
me: don't worry. you're just 19 years old. still got time to grow some.

kawaii panic baka: mine's not bad, really. look!
hentai ikemen: ali's breasts are bigger hahaha.
me: hahaha. don't listen to hentai ikemen. you'll be fine.

hentai ikemen: don't forget to drink your daily milk!
kawaii panic baka: i might be small now, but recently my breasts has been growing fast that sometimes it felt like it's going to pop-out of my bra!
me: ............. errr that might be too much information to process LOLs.

this is why lab is fun.

at least i have found a place to release stress.

i love breasts.


  1. Hahahahahahaha that is hilarious.

    There is NO way a conversation like that can ever take place in the US ... without someone getting arrested for harassment.

  2. gaijin lives in japan for too long, gaijin will lose grasp of what's wrong and what's worse.

    you will eventually lose base on what's taboo.

    i'm over all of that though.

    because i'm on it just for the LOLs.



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