Sunday, April 18, 2010

recent updates: it's the 18th of April

it has been a very busy month for me.

as i learned and gained more work-experience, my superiors have been increasing my work load and making me make decisions all by my own.

this learning process takes a lot of time and effort, and i could feel myself improving after each mistake and right decisions that i chose. it took a lot of gut to get up after being thrown violently onto the hard floor, and each fall makes me stronger and wiser.

i just hope that i'm not working way over my capacity.

just a little over is enough.

as i get used to working hard, i realized that i have developed this tendency to enjoy my weekdays like never before.

last week was fucking crazy as hell, i didn't know that i'm capable of doing something so crazy.

man people here sure do know how to party.

of course, i can't just write about what i did last weekend; some kids read my blogs and actually took me for a role model.

anyways, i'll be in malaysia from april 28 to may 5.

can't wait to be re-united with family and friends; i hope people still remembers that i exists.

and oh, i just bought a new semi-double bed from rakuten at a very cheap price.

expecting more crazy shit to be experienced with the help of this one new furniture.

life goes on. i keep making money by trying to reduce damages originating from other people's fuck-ups.

when a big foreign company tried to fish me with money in exchange of taking a position i have no interest in, things sure is not so bad.

i'll work hard, and i'll play harder.

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