Thursday, July 15, 2010

how many times do i have to?

It’s like a never ending cycle.

I don't know how many times I have written posts like the ones that I am going to write tonight.

I am going to complain about how busy i am with work and stuff that i don't have enough time to spend writing stuff that people want to read on this blog.

I am going to bitch about all the little things that do nothing to improve the condition; sometimes it makes it worse because nothing beneficial comes out of 'just small talk'.

I know I won't remember today's post as anything special or something I should consider as an accomplishment in my ever quest to improve my writing.

My mind is numb from work, I am tired and although there are thousands of interesting things that happened in my life in the past weeks, I really don’t see the benefits of sharing it here.

I have to write all this useless stuff, although I could spend the little time I have left reading e-books that teaches me how to be a better person in many aspects of the human society we all try to excel in.

I have come to the point of clear realization that the less time I spend writing about life, the more I’d appreciate all the great things, the little details that make life rich, beautiful and valuable.

Knowing that you won’t be recording a specific beautiful experience makes it more valuable; you’d try your best to suck it all in all its greatness while it is still warm.

While you still can.

No digital memories.

Just being human like how we are supposed to be.

Anyways, today as I was walking to my room, the Filipino prostitute who just got back from his Chinese customer’s room, smiled at me when I walk pass her.

I swear there is semen on her face.

I will not watch porn tonight.

I promise.

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