Sunday, April 23, 2006

they love their gamers

the japanese love their gamers. when i was walking around Akihabara, Tokyo, there were lots of people gathering in front of a game store and i was just curious so i went to check it out. the huge crowd that could easily reach 50 people were watching this guy playing 太鼓の達人 (taiko no tatsujin; US title:Taiko Drum Master ). Taiko Drum Master is basically a japanese drum rhythm game where all you got to do is to hit the drum with the stick that comes with it , synchronizing with music; it's really easy to play and i enjoyed the game a lot although i suck at it. back to my main story: this guy got some very serious gaming skills; he scored perfect! he was soo into the game, he jumps around too; and you know how hardcore nerds move. there were lots of people taking pictures of this gamer (term for people who play games) using their mobile phones; he's been given the pop star treatment. after he finished playing, the crowd gave him a standing ovation (well everyone's standing so...) and cheered him.

the japanese are very cool with the gaming culture. not like the rest of the world, gaming is not strictly a kid's hobby here, it's an experiance that everyone can participate and there's nothing nerdy about it. outside japan, where gaming is still considered a kid's thing, people would probably diss this maybe in his mid-20's gamer and they probably would say " hey look at that weird asian guy nerd, he should get a life ". people don't understand, gamers need no life, they got lots if it.

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