Friday, January 11, 2008


I wanted to write this earlier but I was just being busy not being busy. So my short-termed part-time job was over and surprisingly, it was not just money that I’ve earned. This has got to be the longest 6 days of 2007 for me; when you’re doing labour job all day long non-stop, every second feels like a minute, a minute seems like an hour. My foot trembles out of exhaustion everytime my shift ended.

But it was all worth it.

I’ve learned how effective it is the way the Japanese handle and manage manpower. You were never left without anything to do. It’s always work, every second of your working time; and everything must be done FAST. And everyone follow the rule.

I was also amazed by how strong some of the ‘veteran’ workers there. You really can’t help it but be amused when a 60 years old dude mixes a 20kg of mochi by hand for hours and on when I can’t even handle it for 15 minutes. Man, I want those muscles! You know, just to look cool.

I also appreciated money more after the short-term part-time job. Knowing how hard it is to get money, I become more aware of my money-wasting habits and I have decided to be more money-smart; well at least the first week.

My last job at the flower factory thought me all of these things too, but I kinda forgot. Actually, the job at the flower factory was actually a lot harder than this one. Before accepting the job, I was like; ha ha ha how hard it is to work in a place where they create pretty flower decorations? I was dead wrong.

Anyways, my part-time job was over and now I can return into my ‘no goal’ life. Ah, shit I forgot! The final is just around the corner. Thankfully, now I have a goal that I can look forward and put effort into.

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