Monday, February 25, 2008

rebiuw mubee

Starsky and Hutch – 6.5
The 70’s detective movie vibe was great, but this film suffers by being too mediocre and not funny enough.

Beowulf – 7.5
Although the use of 3D animation and the latest motion capture technology was impressive, the facial animation was a bit lacking, and that alone has quite an impact to the illusion that the movie tried to create. Apart from that, the story was not so bad and the action sequences, especially towards the end are very well done and highly entertaining. And oh, Angelina Jolie still looks hot even in 3D! The reason this one is not getting a rating better than 7.5 is because the story was not strong enough and it did not bring anything new that we haven’t seen before.

Lucky Miles – 6.0
The tale of a journey of a group of illegal immigrants from Indonesia, Iran and Cambodia; being stranded in the Australian desert. Pacing and story was boring. Mediocre acting and the characters themselves is not interesting enough so you can’t really blame the actors. Not really worth your time.

Barnyard – 5.5
This must be the worst CGI movie ever. Bad animation, bad story, boring characters and not funny at all. Don’t bother.

The Call of Cthulhu – 6.0
Mind-bending, confusing, quite scary and in black and white. The video game is better than the movie; that’s all I can say.

Ocean Thirteen – 8.0
This third installment, just like the previous two, did not disappoint. With a great set of casts, storylines and flair dialogue, this film is a must see of you liked Ocean Eleven and Twelve. High value of entertainment for sure.

The Darjeeling – 8.0
Three brothers went on a spiritual journey in India, but ended up stranded in a small village and finally got more than what they’ve asked for. A pretty good ‘travel’ movie with some humor and touching moments mixed up.

No Country For Old Men – 8.9
A guy accidentally collected a huge sum of money from a drug deal that went bad, and then went running for his life from the hitman hired to take the money back. Very violent, very brutal and if you like movies like History of Violance, you are going to LOVE this movie. Story is simple and easy to follow. Every character is awesome, especially the hitman. Damn you don’t want to mess with the guy. A must watch film of 2008 and definitely deserved to be highly recommended.

In The Valley of Elah – 8.5
A very powerful story about a veteran, with the help of a young detective, who investigates the death of his son who’s just came home from a duty in Iraq. The film starts slow by fleshing out the fine details of the two main characters (tommy lee jones and charlize theron, both my favourites) and then right in the middle of the movie, starts to unfold the story one by one, back and forth like a ping pong match. One of the best anti-war + murder mystery movies I’ve ever seen, so I highly recommend this one.

Heroes Season 2 – 6.0
I am dumbfounded. How can it be this bad after a great first season? Writer’s Guild strike put aside, the second season of heroes is plain bad. Plot is extremely weak, it had no direction until the few last episodes, and the story about hiro going back to feudal japan was just insulting to the Japanese people. Just shows how ignorant the Americans towards asian culture. Why can’t they even do a bit of research about the difference between today’s Japanese language and during the feudal time? And oh, their Japanese accent is just the worst thing; I’ve seen other people who only learned Japanese for 3 months who could speak way better. Enough about the ‘went to feudal japan’ rant, the whole story of the second season is extremely weak and does NOT make you want to follow the story to the end. With the writer’s guild strike over, I hope they’d do better in the third season. To me, season 2 is just a long, painful, dumb advertisement for Heroes Season 3; and I’m hoping the producer would fire all the writers that worked on Season 2 and bring in some new blood to bring back the series to it’s place.

Prison Break Season 3 – 7.5
This season started high, then get toned down a bit in the middle, and after being dragged around with boring plot twists and an extremely dumb ‘prison breakout’, the tension sky-rocketed again just to make sure you’d watch the next season. The weakest of the three seasons, I don’t think I’m going to watch season 4. They have dragged this show to its limits. Prove me wrong!

Bee Movie - 8.0
There is nothing original with the story; a guy who felt different from society and want something else and different for his life so that he could live a more colourful life bla bla bla you've seen it in other animation movies like shark's tale, a bug's life, antz etc. Although the film is not an innovative one, the dialogues, the animation, the voice work; every bit of detail being put into the makings of this CGI movie is shining with fine polish and a huge spirit from the production crew, you can't help but felt it. The entire movie is filled with bee-jokes, and i was smiling the whole 90 minutes of my sitting. This is a good CGI movie, i recommends it. just don't expect it to be on the same level as the CGI giants such as Toy Story, Shrek, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles.

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