Thursday, February 14, 2008

snow storm !!!

i was walking back from school today and it was snowing with very strong wind; it's very scary; and exciting too. exciting because the wind was blowing so hard, it swept girls skirts up and i could see their panties. i know, a normal human being couldn't see a thing when it's snowing this hard, but i'm not a normal person. i think i have special pervert eyes. now i know, japanese girls wear black panties when it's a fucking snow storm out there ! i don't understand them. why wear short skirts in the first place during this frozen season ?! they could froze their vagina for all i care! wait a minute. or maybe they're thinking... with the extreme cold, maybe my lady sanctuary could become tighter and... i think i should stop. i just saw random panties of random girls. get over it. i should not think about it too much. but it's hard when you have an imaginative mind such as mine.

i think i want to wear black boxers from now on.

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