Friday, February 29, 2008

what movie review are you talking about?!

Juno – 8.2
Another fitting title for this movie would be ‘Not Another Teen-Pregnancy Movie’. Although the main character, Juno has too many ‘smart-mouth’ dialogues, it worked because the lines were delivered so casually. Sometimes I was laughing at the same time feeling very uncomfortable with the jokes because it’s such a serious issue. Tight script, casual acting and a different take on teen-pregnancy makes this movie one of a kind.

30 Days of Nights – 7.5
If you look past the Alaskan setting, this movie is just another vampire/horror movie that you’ve seen so many times in the past. What makes this flick watchable is the gore and violent scenes; complete with several beheadings. As a horror fan, I don’t remember getting scared at all. The ending was quite good though, I liked it.

Boys N The Hood – 8.0
A tale of a group of African-American kids trying to grow up in a ghetto neighbourhood filled with constant shooting and violence in South Central during the ‘90s. This is not a gangster movie, but more of a drama about the hardship of life in the ghetto for teenagers; and most of those hardships originated from themselves.

Charlie Wilson’s War – 8.4
Tom Hanks really knows how to choose his films. Based on a true story, a Texas congressman, with the help of the sixth richest women and a CIA agent, helped the mujahedeen get effective weapons to fight the invading soviet army during the afghan/soviet war during the ‘80s. This film blends comedy into serious political drama like no other before it, and it worked flawlessly; thanks to tom hanks’ once again great performance and a really tight script. There were no boring moments in this movie. It’s funny, serious and entertaining to watch the whole way through. The film also tried to portray American foreign policies on current international issues, and how much identical the methods used to make these policies valid on the meeting table. Recommended, if you like foreign politics in your movies.

The Protégé – 8.0
Not just another Hong Kong thriller about undercover cops, this film set itself apart by putting humanity into both the criminals and cops involved, creating a very believable story and atmosphere. If you like hong kong undercover cop thriller like Infernal Affair etc, you are going to enjoy this one.

Enchanted – 8.6
I don’t remember being so happy by just watching a movie! The idea of animated fairy tale characters coming to life is not a new one, but with the touch of Disney’s professionalism, this movie has become one of my favourites of 2008! The story and narration was so simple and easy to follow, and requires no effort from your part. Its family-friendly humour, fantastic and surprisingly quite catchy songs and an adorable cast made this parody (sort of) of Disney’s fairy tale movies, worked! And oh, the princess in the movie (amy adams) is the sweetest! Freaking adorable! Of course you can nitpick the bad acting, blatant cheeziness and predictable storylines, but if you could look past all that, this movie is very entertaining and fun to watch. The only scene that I don’t like because it was quite ‘off’ was the ‘talking-dragon fight’ at the end. Everything else though, was solid. Bring your kids and your grand parents together to watch this! Highly Recommended! Don’t be serious and expect a complex, highly technical movie, and enjoy it with an open heart!

Micheal Clayton – 8.0
The movie is slow and it builds up in an unusual way but the ending was quite awesome that it’s worth it. Probably not a movie that I would recommend to everyone because it’s not very focused until the last 30 minutes; and if you don’t pay close attention to what the characters are saying, you might focus on details that does not matter at all to the whole point of the movie. With that said, George Clooney did his best performance ever, and that helps a lot because the director really put a great importance on the characters and their struggle to overcome the hardships in their life. Unlike Enchanted, this movie can confuse and even bore you, but if you like films like devil’s advocate, you’ll surely are going to enjoy the dialogs and every detail put into the characters and story. And oh, this film had the best opening screenplay ever! Tom Wilkinson was brilliant!

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