Thursday, September 18, 2008

aik hari ni dah 18hb sept dah!

so the 16 sept dramatic government change didn't happen. i was hoping for an awesome politic drama where everyone was excited and jumping around feeling they've achieved something that was thought impossible.

but it didn't happen.

i know a lot of people are disappointed by this. but some people are quick to forget about this.

not to some PAS guys in terengganu though, stirring things up.

anyways, the longer they try to stretch this, the worse it is.

i just want to see a balanced and stable political ground. i want those politician settled and start to focus on more important issues like housing for the poor, 1-upping the education policy, how to strengthen the economy under the plummeting asian economy etc.

i want the bullshit politic-talk to end and see them at work, NOW!

beijing 2008 was awesome, everyone is hyped and excited about the Olympics. but nobody gives a ahmad ismail bukit bendera about the paralympics.

how sad.

i'm one of those people too.

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