Monday, September 01, 2008

fukuda out

just after unveiling a stimulus package worth 11.7 trillion yen ($107bn; £59bn) to boost the country's economy a couple of days ago, today the prime minister of japan yasuo fukuda had announced that he's stepping down as the prime minister, ending his short-lived seat of power.

after the influential junichiro koizumi stepped down as prime minister, and the failure of shinzo abe to maintain a stable cabinet, fukuda took the job during japan's lowest political stability; trust and support for the government is at it's lowest.

it seems like the prominent impact of the koizumi-legacy is far too great for the poor fukuda to match and follow suit. at least it didn't went as bad as abe.

the same effect could be seen on malaysian politics.

mahathir left a hole bigger than what abdullah could fill.

and we're not talking about filling a jar with candies here.

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fukuda mengatakan dia letak jawatan kerana rasakan telah gagal untuk memberikan apa yg rakyat tuntut; dan adalah lebih baik untuk memberi peluang kepada org lain yg mempunyai approach method yang berlainan untuk menghadapai masalah2 yg dia gagal selesaikan.

at least dia sedar dia silap, dan tidak bodoh sombong.

dah rasa koizumi, abe dan fukuda.

pm seterusnya mcam mana pulak ah?

dah rasa mahathir, abdullah.

pm seterusnya mcam mana pulak ah?

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