Sunday, September 07, 2008

hot ramadhan

it's been extremely hot these couple of days, and the heat had been stealing almost all of my energy to get through the day. i'm hung like a tired dog at the end of the day, just before the time of breaking fast.

in the hotness of summer and hungriness of ramadhan, i've been reading about malaysian news. and one of those that caught my attention is the raja petra case.

4 religious departments in malaysia had filed a lawsuit against the provocative malaysian blogger, accusing him of deforming the image of islam, its followers and the prophet Muhammad saw.

two controversial article were brought up: the post entitled I Promise to be a good non-hypocritical Muslim, and the comments made in the post entitled Not all Arabs are descendants of the Prophet.

being the anonymous nature of the internet, i don't think that the blogger should be held accountable on what the readers wrote on the comment area, but raja petra should know better that not everyone understand this.

i don't always agree with what raja petra wrote, because a lot of it are just angry rants, and you don't know whether what he wrote depends on his fabricated imagination or pure fact; but sometimes he did write things that encouraged people to think, so that is why i seldom follow his stories.

if you read his I Promise to be a good non-hypocritical Muslim post, you could easily understand why he made some people really pissed, even during ramadhan.

his angst had compromised his control over how to tip toe across a narrow border of misunderstandings. he is talking smack against muslims, but he is not talking smack against islam. in islam, there are bad muslims and good muslims. and even a good muslim could misunderstood the intention of his post.

call it language barrier, culture barrier.

anyways, raja petra should've known better.

not all of his readers are smart people who could take some honest smack-talking. especially hollier-than-thous.

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