Friday, October 31, 2008

barack hussein obama II: 30 mins paid tv ad

i was never a fan of american politics, but after watching the 30 minutes paid advertisement by the U.S. presidential democratic candidate barack obama, i was stoked and sold.

never have i heard such a convincing speech by a politician.

judging by how awesome the video was, this guy will definitely win, no doubt about it. i'm not even american, but i was made to believe that the famous talk about CHANGE, is not just mere political bullshit.

he talked the talk very impressively.

lets just hope he could walk the walk.

p/s: my only concern is that how much money had set the barack campaign back, to support a 30 minutes long advertisement during prime time? some might nod their head and say that it is a sacrifice worth every dollar. but i'm sure there are american voters out there who is going to see it as nothing more than wasting precious money.

anyways, i don't have the right to vote for obama, but really think he could bring change.


  1. Tapi ade berita org nak assassinate dia. Coz he's black and it looks like he's gonna win. Tak tau la. But McCain and that bimbo are such a joke.

  2. that is why obama is trying to tighten the gun laws :)

    i guess where he stands now, he is expected to get such threats on a daily basis.


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