Wednesday, February 11, 2009

thesis adventure over (hopefully)

Finally, my adventure in the thesis/final year project-world is over.

I did my thesis presentation yesterday, and although I didn’t have an easy time dealing with questions from the department professors, I am glad that I didn’t lose any of my vital organs and I am happy to announce here that I survived my dealings with those pack of vicious Japanese university professors!

I’m just joking; they’re actually quite nice compared to the other professors on other groups, as I was told.


It has been a harsh 2 weeks for me.

I’ve not eaten very well, and have successfully lost about 3-4 kgs in body-weight during this 2 week period. That’s another proof that if you really work hard, you could actually lose weight, so to those who wants to lose weight fast, just work really, really hard, and constantly forget to eat properly for a better effect.

Not to forget to sleep just 4 hours a day. 6 hours maximum.

Then just watch your weight go down effectively!


Anyways, I am now free from my thesis, and the only thing that I need to do right now that concerns my degree is to wait for the graduation day.

Yay and Alhamdulillah!


Anyways, I am not totally free yet, because I got tons of things to do first before going back to Malaysia for a quick holiday.

First off tomorrow, I need to meet with the head department professor to discuss with him about who would be best as my guarantor in Japan when I start working here.

Then on the afternoon, I’m going to the immigration with syazi and syaira to renew/extend our visa. At the moment, my alien card described me as a ‘collage student’. I’m trying to change that label into ‘engineer’.

That’s going to be so cool.


Then this coming weekend, us senpais (seniors) are going to held a simple makan-makan party to commemorate our coming graduation. We called it 送別会 (soubetsukai).

Then after that, starting from monday next week, I have just 3 days to excel in my Japanese driving license's test and finally get a damn Japanese driving license already!, before my flight to Malaysia this 19th of Feb.

I hope my plans went smooth.

as smooth as akiyama rina's ***.


Right now, I felt very weird to NOT have to think about my thesis.

It is a good, weird feeling.

I’m pretty happy at the moment.



  1. nice nice.. aku nyer suffering baru nk start.. skarang kene start carik topic.. sengasara insyaAllah berakhir hujung september nnt.. heh..

  2. happy suffering hehehe

    don't worry too much, i know you'd do ok!

  3. Congratulations!

    Hopefully I'll experience the same thing. In about 4.5 years. Haha. Geh.

  4. wow, you've been hitting that thesis thing pretty hard! losing weight and lack of sleep, man, your a true soldier. Hard work pays off. Congrats! That would be cool to have an alien engineer card :)

  5. @ Adilla:

    Thanks so much! :)
    4.5 years more? that's your phd program? that's pretty long... so ganbare !!!

    @ shadder:

    It is actually good though that I've lost weight, now I can wear my old jeans! :)
    alien engineer hahaha I LOL'd at that!


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