Thursday, May 21, 2009

The fear of Babi-Flu

Finally the new swine flu has reached the Kanto region and the first case of infection came from two Japanese high school girls that just got back from New York.

The thing that kinda struck me with anxiety is the fact that both girls goes to a school in Hajioji using the same train that I use every morning to go to work.


I don't know about other countries, but the fear in Japan is pretty real, you felt it everyday, especially from the electronic medias.

There are even shops that gave out alcohol-spiked tissues to the customers before they enter the shop, to sterilize their hands.

At work, we were urged to wash our hands and gargle properly upon returning from work.

I know this new swine influenza has the possibility of going pandemic and cause massive chaos if not treated properly, but I think the media is scaring us all too much.

They are over doing it.

The possibility of me getting caught with the influenza is lower than Malaysia getting smart and reliable politicians.

Anyways, please understand that these terrible and horrible disease came from above because all you humans have sinned far too much, so lets pray to the source to stop giving us such trouble.

* as of now, the confirmed number of infected victims in Japan has risen up to 294 persons!

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