Saturday, May 16, 2009

i went to a maid cafe today!

i've always wanted to go to a maid cafe and see for myself what the fuss is all about.

and at last, today i got the chance to go to one such fantasy land when my co-workers volunteered to show me the most famous maid cafe in akihabara, @homecafe.

i was pretty excited.

and a bit surprised at how expensive it was compared to what service they offer.

the entrance fee itself is 700 yen, and you can't even take any photos inside the cafe.

anyways, upon entering the cafe, 5 japanese girls dressed in french inspired maid costumes greeted us with the greeting 「いらっしゃいませ、ご主人様!」 which means 'Welcome Back Home, Master!'.

it was pretty weird actually, to see so much concentration of nerds and cute girls in maid costumes cramped in such a small space.

*BGM played inside the cafe are of the anime songs collection, all the time, of course.

i ordered the omelette special menu that comes with caramel latte and the opportunity to take a picture with a maid of my choice.

the silly but cute thing about my omelette is the additional 'moe performance': the serving maid, using ketchup, drew hello kitty on the omelette... while saying 'magic words' to 'cast delicious spell' on it. then she asked me to cast the spell with her, which is the silliest thing ever, but so fucking cute nonetheless!

anyways, i think maid cafes are not bad at all, although it IS quite weird; and having entered one, i've definitely came closer in understanding the 'moe' culture of the otakus.

akane-chan kawaii !!!


  1. LOL additional moe performance! XD That's hilarious.

  2. cool gile teringin nak p

    eh ada x butler cafe dekat sana?

  3. @adilla:
    yeap! it's a pretty out-of-this-world kind of silliness.

    butler cafe (that caters to otaku-girls -->腐女子:fujyoshi) ada juga, tapi tak sebanyak maid cafes la.

    there are also cabin attendent cafes, big sister cafes, nurse cafes, japanese maid cafes, aloha girls cafes... whatever your fetishes is, Japan will deliver!


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