Saturday, June 27, 2009

i got the turtle hands!

last night after work, me and one of my co-worker decided to get a sushi dinner.

the day before that was our payday, so we went to this small sushi bar for some nigiri-zushi.

while we wait for our sushi to be served, the master brought to our table a rare delicacy:

the turtle-hands!!!


well, it's not actual turtle hands, but it looks like it, albeit a more grotesque looking one.

it's known as goose barnacle in english, and kamenote in japanese.

at first i was pretty unmotivated to eat it, because of the disgusting monster turtle hand-look, but i clucked my balls and give it a go anyways.

i forgot to mention that it was raw, meaning not cooked.

it tasted like raw mini-shellfish.

and that was it.

it was not as bad as i thought it would be.

and i finished the whole thing!

i've successfully eaten a japanese delicacy that looks incredibly disgusting, yay!

then our jyou-nigirizushi was served, and it was heaven.

after that we decided that from now on, payday would be SUSHI DAY!

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