Wednesday, December 14, 2005

rakuen baby !!!

rakuen baby !!!

楽園(rakuen = paradise)
yeehaa finally the mid-second-sem exam's over !! (後期中間試験). feels so good, like a multiple orgasm after a 2 hours long orgy !! really, i feel soo good that exam pressure is gone
(at least for now) and 1 week later i'm gonna get my much awaited and needed 2 weeks winter break. just like past exams, i think i fucked this one up, too. beautiful.
out of all the 11 papers, i think 3 won't past the 60 point mark.

計測工学 - Measurement (?)
流体工学 - Fluid Enggineering
機械演習 - Mechanical Practice (?)

so you people might want to know, what would happen if i really flunk these 3 (or may be more, damn i'm gonna hate myself if that really happens). well, this is the mid-sem exams so i have to do very, very well on final to make up the points lost on mid-sem (duh!). but what happens if, god forbids, i failed to 'make up' the lost points ??!! argh i think i should start studying for final exam right now !!

yeah the exams over, but i'm still busy. i need to prepare for a moral enggineering presentation this monday, got to do 2 reports that was supposed to be handed out last thursday, and finally clean up my room 'cause it looks like shit. smells like one too. well, hygiene is not on my top priority list when i got 11 papers to cover in 4 days !! argh i'm going to bed, it's been a very tiring week. when i woke up, i'm going to be

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