Thursday, March 29, 2007

from nagano to akita pt2

wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. the sun in nagano were shining bright like it's trying to tell everyone that it's going to be a good day today.

after taking a nice warm bath, i put on my clothes and went downstairs to the jimusho to thank the jimu ojisan and the always smiling jimu obasan for their kindness and enthusiasm to help me all these years. jimu obasan gave me an ofuro towel to be used to scrub my back when i took a shower. it had frog illustrations on it.

at around 2p.m., i collected my bags and before i walk out of the yufuryo dormitory, i asked my kohai haiman to took a picture of me with the jimu ojisan whose name is still a mystery to me. i'm just horrible.

in the middle of going to the train station, i realized that i'm not going to make it in time so i sped up my way to the ticket counter, bought a 1110 yen ticket and barely boarded the train that took off seconds after i step my foot in it.

the train officer woke me up when i arrived at the last stop: naoetsu. then i joint zarul and he drove me to akita. arrived late at night.

tired and have to go and get some good night's sleep.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

from nagano to akita

packed my bags and sent them to akita by kuroneko. damn these kuroneko guys work fast! it took them like 2 minutes to load all my stuff into the truck. man these guys have very STRONG arms! i wish i could carry heavy luggages with ease just like them.

with all my luggages being sent to akita, the last thing to do is to just wait for tomorrow. i just can't believe it that i'm leaving this place.

at night me, bak, seiha, haiman and the new mongolian kid LG went to asian kichen and we had our last dinner together. of course i paid for them. then we finished the night's outing with karaoke until 1a.m. i hurt my throat because i've been screaming into the microphone far too much that night.

it feels so empty. memories. these memories were playing in my head like a 3mm film projection. damn i will miss this place. tomorrow, it's good bye nagano and hello akita.

doki. doki. doki.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

i'm busy packing stuff !

i'm sending my stuff over to my new room (it's the university dormitory) in akita tomorrow, so today i have to find and throw away all the things that i don't need and put my stuff in boxes and pack them up to be ready for transferring. there were so much dust in that room and i suddenly catch a flu or something; my nose is running wild and i can't stop sneezing! it's hard to work like in this kind of environment and with a condition like this.

i think i better get back to work, unplug the computer and start packing!

Monday, March 26, 2007

writing from tokyo pt2

today i went off to akihabara again to hunt for some weirdness. i did a lot of sight seeing until i got bored, so i went to shinjuku to put my luggage in a luggage storage rental facility. then i went to karachi, a pakistani restaurant and was a bit delighted to see that i'm their first costumer for their buffet lunch time. ate a lot of pakistani curries. delicious and cheap. what a fantastic combination; but my enjoyment was interrupted a little bit when the owner scolded the girl waitress in loud, not-understandable hindi language. damn, that poor girl must have fucked up so bad to make the restaurant owner so fucking mad.

whatever. got on the 1745 hours bus to nagano and arrived at my room at about 2200 hours. it was tiring but i'm satisfied because i did what i wanted to do and it was fun. pictures will follow soon.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

writing from tokyo

i'm in tokyo right now, at rehet's place. i've been staying in his place for 2 nights now but tonight i'm going to be staying in a cheap hostel in asakusa or maybe in my senpai's house at shinagawa. i spent most of my first day at akihabara, just sightseeing.

played against a japanese gamer on virtua fighter 5.... and i lost. every fucking game. and it was just a little boy! after getting my gamer pride crushed, broken and burned by a little japanese boy, i went to a manga cafe for healing time. then i was back on my feet again. there are some things that i wanted to buy there but i decided to do it on the last day because i don't want to carry them all around. second day i spent going to asakusa. i always wanted to go there but i just didn't have the time. there were too many people that day but it's fun. the kaminarimon is HUGE! bought some souvenirs. then i went to harajuku and bought a cool japanese themed jacket. i also met the softbank's famous 予想GUY (yosou guy) there and we talked for 5 minutes and took pictures. i didn't know that he was THAT nice and friendly!
then i walked from the harajuku station to omotesando. i took me 30 minutes or more because i was walking in a very slow pace, sightseeing the shops on the street. from omotesando, i went to shibuya and bought a pair of jeans with dragon designs on the back at jeans mate. i don't know if i want to wear it myself or use it as a present. feeling tired, i went to starbucks, THE starbucks overlooking the most busiest crossroad in the world that is located just in front of the shibuya station. had to wait for 30 minutes to get a seat but seeing that many people (there must be thousands of them) crossing roads at the same time is fun. they really looked like little ants in a hurry.

but i don't understand why the american girls sitting beside me with her friends couldn't stop using the word 'fuck' every time she LOUDLY speaks and giggles. they were just talking about regular stuff like how bad the wasabi tastes and how cute this one shoe is at this one shop right across the street.... is listening to a conversation of a group of foul mouthed american girls wrong?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

gaijin dakara?

today i went to nagano shi to buy the express bus ticket to shinjuku. minus 4000 yen from my personal savings, which is not really bad. usually, i would use the nagano-tokyo bullet train when traveling between nagano and tokyo but starting from this year, i've decided to choose cheaper ways of trasportation.

of course bullet train is way faster, taking only 45 minutes (or was it 90? i'm confused right now) compared to the 4 hours of fun and joyful experience of being in a big moving vehicle the bus provides; but a bullet train ticket from nagano to tokyo
costs 7000 yen. WHICH is still affordable but i could really use the extra money to buy more useful things like a 3D mouse pad.

on the way back to the train station, i was stopped by an onesan. and these were our translated-to-english conversations:

onesan: hi! i'm from XXXX, a street fashion magazine and i would like to interview you about fashion and clothing. it won't take long so are in? me: err... yeah. ok....... because i'm not in a hurry and this sounded interesting, i talked about a subject that i have no idea at all that is street fashion for about 3-5 minutes. onesan: wait a minute, different country? me: hm? what do you mean? yes, i'm a foreigner. i'm from malaysia. onesan: err... so are you working here? me: no, i'm still studying. you know nagano kousen? onesan: aww i'm sorry. i only wanted to interview non-students. i'm really sorry.

then she left just like that.

so my question is, did she really canceled the interview just because i'm a student? weird right because only young people are into street fashion and a lot of young people are... drum rolls... students! that is a firm fact. or is it because i'm a foreigner? a GAIJIN?

well, at least i have successfully fooled her into thinking that i'm japanese, for 5 minutes.

*or maybe my japanese is so horrible that she couldn't understand a single word that's coming out of my mouth, and she just didn't have the heart to stop my babbling*

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

today is vernal equinox day! wait a minute... what?

today is 春分の日(shun bun no hi) which is the vernal equinox day; so today is a national public holiday to admire nature and living things. Many people visit the graves of their ancestors, washing the tombstone, tidying up the site, and offering flowers at this day. for me, today is the day when i washed my old clothes because i'm prepping them up to be ready to be sent to akita, tidying up my room and offering my old 19 inch monitor to my classmate, nagato kun.

nagato kun called me at 8:45 a.m. and told me he's coming with his dad to pick up the crt monitor. i'm giving the monitor to him for free. so i guess maybe he thought that coming over to JUST pick up the monitor and go away would not be very appropriate, he brought me confectioneries! a pack of blueberry rare cheeze and strawberry rolls. sweet!

ahh... i have so much good memory with that monitor. crispy color, high speed and refresh time that brings no lagging, real presentation of the color black, support for extremely high resolution, crystal clear picture quality without any ghosting... i'm going to miss that black dell crt monitor. no expensive lcd or tft monitor could match the picture quality of a normal priced crt monitor.

after that, i went to kuroneko to ask about what kind of luggage/boxes delivery service they offer and i thought the 単身引越しサービス (tanmi hikkoshi service) is perfect for me so i decided to use that service to send my luggage and things to my new room at akita. luggages with the accumulated size of 2m^3 would cost just 25200 yen (nagano to akita). pretty cheap, and i can ask them to send the luggages on a specified time. nice.

on the way home, i stopped by at tsuruya to buy even more japanese confectioneries. i bought a pack of dango, japanese pudding and sakura mochi. the sakura mochi is pink because of? guess what? they put sakura petals in the mochi gome mix. goody.

next up, tidying up the room. i brought a lot of useless stuff from that room and when i'm done, the room looks... a lot cleaner. there are still some other stuff that i'm going to throw away but it felt a lot more spacious! and i can't believe how much useless crap i'm bringing out from the small room! most of them are books, papers and clothings though.

so i bring all this 'garbage' to the the garbage station, and well what do i found there: 3 boxes full of porn! loli, s&m, wife banger, hentai, violent, group sex... you name it, it's there. i can't believe how much porn could these 15-20 year old japanese students throw away at a time. actually, it is always like this, whenever there's a long holiday, there will be piles and piles of porn material left in the garbage station; but what i'm a bit surprised is at the content of those supposedly noneducational materials: they're too sick, violent and the hentai porn magazines is full of lolicon sickness!

there is even one magazine that i accidentally and not-purposely read that teaches how to grope women in a packed morning train! intense! and most of the hentai magazine is about an old guy raping a 8 year old girl. insane! and i guess a lot of the kids from my school are fucking perverts, and that makes me one of them too! i guess i should write about how perverted the minds of the old and the young japanese male is one day, here at this blog.ok lets move on.

then i went to american drug to buy some washing chemicals for clothings? (洗濯剤) and bought a can of pineapple-in-a-can and it was made in malaysia! very sweet! then i washed all of my smelly and absolutely not hygienic clothes using 4(!) washing machines and 4 dryers at a time! very helpful when you're the only one in the building!

and at night, i cooked chicken kurma curry and it tasted wonderful. i believe i can still make delicious curries! then went upstairs to my room, did some planning on my trip to tokyo tomorrow, boot the computer up and started to write this entry. i guess that's it!

tomorrow i'll be going to tokyo and maybe will be staying at rehet's place and after that at zam's (senpai from nagano kousen) place.

おやすみ!(oyasumi - good night!)

Saturday, March 17, 2007


sotsu ome merupakan singkatan kepada ucapan ご卒業おめでとうございます(gosotsugyou omedetou gozaimasu) yang membawa maksud " selamat graduate! ". yap. setelah 3 tahun duduk relax2 sambil tunggu duit masuk tiap2 bulan kat Nagano National Collage of Technology (NNCT), akhirnya graduate juga aku drpd sekolah ini. foreign student yg graduate tahun ni ada 4 org aje. 3 mesia sorang mongol.

baru aku tahu, majlis graduasi kat jepun nih teramatlah formal dan bosan yang amat. majlis ni menyedarkan aku balik betapa skema nya orang jepun bila buat majlis2 formal macam ni. semua org dalam dewan tu senyap aje bila org kat atas stage bercakap. aku rasa kalau aku kentut pon bole dengar satu dewan. serious. senyap gila sampai kan bole rasa mcam nak pening kepala.

kalau mcam kat mesia, student sorang2 gi naik pentas pastu ambik sijil masing2 kan? kat jepun tidak. hanya wakil kelas aje yg pegi ambik sijil. sijil kita tu akan diedarkan selepas majlis selesai. sangat la tidak meriah. tapi aku rasa mcam nak gelak plak bila pengacara majlis tu sebut nama aku. ada dekat 30 minit aku ajar dia cara nak sebut nama aku dengan betul (aku ajar dia 2 hari lepas, mesti dah lupa la tu), tapi kantoi jugak. maaa... tak kesah la, nak buat mcam mana, lidah org jepun ni memang dah keras.

pastu yg sial nya, mcam mana la mobile phone aku bole bunyi lak time wakil student bagi ucapan. gonjeng call. dah la melodi pac man yg happy gila. sedang wakil student tu tgk syiok + feel gila bagi ucapan sampai teresak2 atas stage tu, dan sumer org dah mcam 感動 (kandou - deeply moved emotionally), bole pulak aku rosakkan suasana terharu + sedih diaorg. sorry to stole your thunder! tapi bila aku dapat aje sijil aku, aku rasa ok la kot sebab cantik dan cool sijil aku tu. dapat dua pulak tuh. satu versi english satu lagi versi japanese. bebudak jepun lain dapat sijil versi japanese aje. hahaha bengang aje bila aku pegi belagak ngan diaorg hahaha. cuma dai chan aje yg stay cool tak kata apa2.

majlis abis, sumer org nak ambik gamba. keluar2 aje dewan, kohai2 aku dr communication club dah tunggu. sanggup gak diaorg datang eh. diaorg sumer nampak mcam happy aje, kecuali asami chan. budak ni memang la. buat2 sedih lak time berpisah. time farewell party ari tu pon mcam tu jugak. salam ngan aku tak nak lepas tangan. aku pon turut jadi sedih. dah la manicure kuku dia bagi aku tak kawaii sebab besar sangat hahaha. ada jugak rupa2nya org yg nak sedih berpisah ngan aku ni hahaha. nampak sangat aku ni senpai yg baik, penyayang lagi disayangi hahaha. hitomi chan plak sporting gila posing ngan aku for the camera. tapi dia tinggi 10cm drpd aku la. dah la pakai high heels, terpaksa la aku panjangkan leher sket.

pastu bini bars (budak mongolian) makin lawa pulak. aduh best nya bars dah ada bini. lawa gila plak tuh hahaha. dulu time aku mula2 jumpa bini dia time baru sampai jepun, nampak mcam biasa aje, tapi skang bila dia dah pandai bergaya style jepun.... fuuuh !!! nasib baik bini memba, kalo tak memang la... hehehehe. tapi aku rasa bini dia suka kat aku la. mcam selalu aje usha aku hehehehe asal aku bole perasan lak nih. ish ish ish tak bole suka kat bini memba sendiri, nanti tak pasal2 kena penampar sumo bars perkasa. dah la tadi time aku jogging, bole terserempak ngan dia sensorang naik motor.

aku sempat tangkap2 gamba sket ngan kohai2 aku tu tapi tak sempat cakap sangat sebab aku ngan classmate aku dah kena pegi 謝恩会 (shaonkai - majlis 'terima kasih cikgu' - you got the meaning right?). aku sebenarnya nak jugak cakap sepatah dua kat diaorg, yg aku dah anggap diaorg mcam adik2 aku sendiri, tapi takde masa.... ah nanti aku tulis la surat kat diaorg, selesai masalah kan?

kat shaonkai tu tak banyak sangat makanan yang aku bole makan. ada sashimi salmon. sedap gila. pastu ada kai yaki. ni pon sedap. pastu seafood pilaf. tarako spagetti. salad. pastu buah2an. yg lain sumer HARAAAAMMMM!!! tapi aku rasa sedikit gembira plak bila yui kun yg dulu nya asyik duk tarbiyah aku supaya makan babi, kali ni dia plak yg warn aku pasal lasagnia yg ada daging. aku dah tau dah tapi happy gak tengok dia dah berubah. jadi matang sket.

pastu tiba la time sensorang bagi ucapan. kitaorg dibahagikan kepada research group memasing so macam biasa la, kalo research group aku, memang aku la yg kena jadi leader buat semua. group2 lain bagi la ucapan2 yg lucu2 tapi group aku lain. bila group aku dipanggil, aku pegi aje dekat microphone, pastu dengan selamba aje nyanyi lagu sakura (moriyama naotaro) sampai habis. murata, nagato ngan yuusei buat gaya tengah menangis kat belakang. abis nyanyi, belah aje tak cakap apa2. mcam sial aje tapi nasib baik sumer org gelak. kalo tak memang la teramat la kurang ajar ngan cikgu2.

pastu aku rasa nagasaka sensei dah mabuk gila time dia bagi ucapan. dah la tiba2 aje citer pasal bini dia yg kononnya power blow job, pastu nyanyi lagu folk nagano sambil menari2 keliling bilik. sensei ni memang power gila. tiap2 bulan mesti gi oversea buat presentation pasal research dia. tapi bila dah mabuk, memang buat benda2 bangang. haha.

bila lebih kurang jam 1800, shaonkai abis. dan masa terakhir aku bersama memba2 sekelas aku pon turut sama habis. time bebudak nih dah mabuk2 baru la aku sibuk2 nak ambik gamba ngan diaorg. ah, lupa plak nak ambik gamba ngan nagasaka sensei!

abis shaonkai, aku pegi umah bak sebab mak dia ada buat nasi beriyani untuk makan lepas baca yasin sempena naik rumah baru. rumah ni memang modern gila. bila aku tengok aje rumah bak, aku dah nekad. aku nak kerja kat jepun. abis degree aku tak nak balik malaysia terus. rent 70000 yen sebulan tapi syarikat bayar 40000 yen so ok la. mak dia pon ada bawak 2 bakul kfc drpd mesia, so kitaorg yg memang dah kempunan kfc halal ni apa lagi, melantak la. sambil makan tengok episod terakhir drama hana yori dango season 2. aduih mcam hindustan pon ada gak jalan citer drama nih. apa la yg best sgt pasal drama nih selain drpd pelakon2 dia yg kawaii?

eh post aku hari dalam bahasa melayu la!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

new hair cut + perm

it's been a while since i last cut my hair so it's kinda messy and very not appropriate for the graduation day tomorrow so i decided to cut it and have a fresh new look. and put some 'perm' also. i don't know the english word for it but in japan we call it 'perm' (パーマ), to change the way the hair looks, from the texture to the 'flow' (流れ).

it's quite interesting. after shampooing the hair, they put some chemical on my head, heated it up for 15 minutes and started to put hair rolls on my head. mini hair rolls. it's quite a new experience for me. then they just let me read some manga for 30 minutes to let the hair absorbs the chemical fully. it's freaking hot with the heating device spinning around my head. damn it.

at 6800 yen, it's not cheap but i'm satisfied because i've never seen my hair having this much volume and 'flow'. whatever. here's the before and after pics:



but i just can't stand the smell of the chemical they used during the 'perm' process. i ended up having a head-ache, and it's still driving me mad at this very moment when i'm writing this.

because i have a headache, i felt very lazy to cook today so i went to my beloved hokaten (japanese fast food) and bought a salmon bento, clamp miso soup, udon, kimuchi (spicy korean side dish) and tuna salad. then i went to seven eleven to buy one anman (red beans rice cake) and a nabe tenpura udon bento. ate all of them but left the nabe tenpura udon for breakfast tomorrow. i'm super full !!! and look, my post today is full of pictures !!! i think i should post more pictures from now on..... what is the use of a hand phone capable of taking 5.0 mega pixel pictures when you don't take pictures right?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

blogging in japanese

i've been thinking about doing this for a while and finally, after feeling very bored to wait until my graduation day tomorrow, i decided to make another blog totally in japanese! and it feels good too! most of the posts there were taken from my japanese posts from here (blogspot) but there are some new ones that were written just for that site (ameba). check it out by clicking here:or just click the picture above.

Monday, March 12, 2007

have you ever been to a japanese beauty salon for men?

well, i have. at the 28th of february 2007, i took my last paper of the final examination. i can't believe it's already over! i was very tired because i've not been sleeping for the past.... 30 hours? maybe? so what better way to release those stress and sleepiness by going to a beauty salon? NOT!

actually, my junior (he's chinese indonesian) gave me this free coupon to try out this new beauty salon in town but i've been busy lately, with the exams and reports etc so finally i have the time to waste some time doing something not worth my time. at first i was like " beauty salon? why the fuck should i go? i don't need to be pretty! because i am already pretty enough hahahahaha ;) ". but considering i have nothing to do after my last paper, i thought arrr what the hell, at least it's free and this could be a new experience, good or bad put aside. i started to look forward to this thing.

so the salon shop has 2 doors. one for men and one for women. so i enter through the men's door, only to be told to re-enter through the women's door. seriously do i look like a women? do i have boobies jiggling and poking out of my chest? does my penis look like a huge clitoris to you from the outside my wore-out jeans? although i have no chest hair, i do have one hair on each of my nipples, that's very man-like right? ok i should just stop there. whatever, i was told to fill out some questionnaires about how i live my life. do i wear makeup? no. how many times have i been to a beauty salon? zero. do i take breakfast? how about dinner? sometimes. how many sex in one week? 2 would be nice but, no. zero. stupid questions and i answered seriously like every nerd would. maybe it's because i just finished a very important exam? i should be more silly next time. IF there is a next time.

i changed into the salon's 'patient' clothing, you know what i mean, a simple greenish white cloth covering the whole body. right after i sat on the long chair, this 2 onesan (by their skin texture, voice pitch and the slight visibility of wrinkles on their lower eyes, i'd say they're in their late 20s) shows up, introduced themselves and started to work on me. it was weird. they put stuff on my face. stuff that are unexplainable to a normal person. fluffy, sticky, oily, bubbly... i don't remember how many times they kept changing the substance to put on my face. they also use this weird face masks that are very soothing and relaxing, right before they ask me to hold this steel rod so that they could electrocute me! they said it would activate the substances they're putting on my face and it was safe. crazy bitches! then they let this flow of hot steam to my face while they massage my WHOLE body. it was a nice massage but i can't help but felt like being sexually molested by two japanese adult women hahahaha.

anyways, when it was over (it took about 90 minutes!), i asked the onesan in charge what would be the normal fee for the services i took that day. i got the free coupon so of course it's free for me that day. i almost coughed when i heard that it cost 20000yen (rm600) for the services! damn, her customers must be so fucking retarded. that day i knew the truth about how expensive beauty care is. it makes me want to appreciate beauty more. yeah i was just kidding about my last sentence, but still... WOW.

the onesan asked whether i would come again as a paying costumer, and being a good person, i told her that i would like to think about it, but to be honest, i would be very happy to say: " why the fuck should i pay for something as useless as a beauty treatment at such a blood sucking expensive price?! fuck no i ain't coming back just to get electrocuted by you crazy people again!! " to her face. it's good that i took that anger management thingy. and they were very nice to me the whole time.

on the way to the train station, snow started to fall. aaahhh this degree of small tiny snow droplets are so cute to watch. do we call it droplets anyways? isn't it used for liquid only? argh my english sucks! on the way to the ticket machine, i noticed a young female station attendant standing beside the platform entry doing nothing. because i had nothing else good enough to do, i went up to her and asked how do i get to sansai, IN ENGLISH. i always do this to young female station attendant, just for the fun of watching them struggle to explain to me in their horrible english. it's free entertainment, really, you should try. and because japanese people are so dedicated and kind, they WILL try their best to help you; and they look cute too, getting their guard down like that.

but not this one. her english is almost perfect! she has a little japanese accent but everything else is quite impressive. now it's me who got played. i thanked and praised her good english, and say good bye with a broad smile. so i learned another lesson that day: don't think that every female japenese train station attendant has horrible english; well most of them are, but definitely not ALL.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

latest single from YUI : CHE.R.R.Y

oh YUI is so adorable in this one. so after her single 'rolling star' was released, i was a bit surprised by her sudden transformation into a rock-chick with electronic guitars blazing. although she has never done any rock themed song before, it was a great song and really shows that she has a broad talent in music. with that said, it still doesn't feel like the YUI that i loved very much.

her first album, FROM ME TO YOU is full of great pop and ballad songs; and the lyrics are so real in the way that portrays YUI as a normal teenager, a youngster full of hope about the future but are also very not sure of what's going to happen; insecurity and anxiety is the keyword here especially in her song TOKYO. the album really portrays the uneasiness, hopefulness, and mixed feelings of being a teenager. although the issue is as real as it could get, she successfully retains her sweetness with her angelic voice and head-bobbing tunes. that's what i like about YUI. forget everything else that i said about her. except the she's super sweet and kawaii.

but with her latest single: che.r.r.y, she has finally returned to the jpop world as the princess of sweetness. the song is a simple song about how sweet it is for a girl to fall in love. hmm.... maybe i'm over-using the word 'sweet', but that is what it is. when i listen to this song, i can imagine the falling petals of the sakura flower being blown into my window by the cool breeze of spring. welcome back YUI, and i can't wait to go to your concert in sendai this summer ! YUI chan cho kawaii !!! 大好き!!!

che.r.r.y pv from youtube: must watch!!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

leah dizon

so what's the current 'boom' in japan? what's hot right now? i'll tell you what. her name is leah dizon, a hapa beauty from the states. go here for her simple background info from wikipedia.

she's all over the place. comedy programs, music shows, talk shows you name it. the japanese gravure world has never been stirred up to this level of attention and excitement. every japanese pervert and even normal people (!) is taking notice of her. they were all screaming "kawaii!!!" everytime she makes a movement, it's surreal. and i'm one of them too. at least for the first 2 weeks i first know about her. just search for leah dizon in youtube, and maybe you'll be hooked to her too. it was said that every magazine that put her as the cover girl will definitely sell. and blogs that host her pictures is eating hits for breakfast, supper and dinner.

damn this girl makes me bought all her photo book and calender. that's a first. i never buy anything just because it's kawaii or beautiful. damn i was being floated by her mellowness and katakoto nihongo. so she's american right? and trying to be an idol in japan, you HAVE to be able to speak in japanese. and in my 4 years in japan, i have never heard any gaijin that speaks horrible japanese and still be so damn cute while at it. damn i wish she never gets good at it because she sounded so adorable with her horrible japanese.

i'm one of those who gets fed up with something very easily but there's something about her that makes me want to stay. i really have nothing else to say, so just enjoy my favorite pictures of LEAH DIZON, the black ship of the japanese gravure world! リア・ディゾン大好き! oh, and one more thing, i'm collecting ALL of the videos of her tv appearances and ALL of her published pictures. and i'm being very successful. currently i have about 2Gs of her video and over 4000 pictures of her and i just can't stop. it's like hunting in the woods or something, not like i've done any hunting before though. crazy.

and oh i almost forgot. click the moving pictures below to see more of leah dizon at my zorpia photo album!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

farewell party コミュニケーション同窓会

so my juniors from the communication club held a farewell party for us 5th year student today and it feels weird to realize the fact that it's going to be the last thing we do together. bars and piye couldn't make it so the 5th year students attending is only me and bak. well, i've worked hard (or maybe not?) to be able to come up this place and i think i should just enjoy the karaoke party, and i did. i screamed and sang like there's no tomorrow and my throat hurts really bad afterwards and the flu i'm having does not help the situation a bit.

at first, i think i shouldn't go to the party because i'm sick, but when i heard that it was going to be a farewell party just for us, i just have to push myself and try to have fun for them.
when i got tired of singing to greenday and romeoromen, i sat beside mio chan and told her something that i've been wanting to tell her ever since i noticed her habit of making this very angry face whenever she's bored or tired. she seemed a bit surprised but i told her that it's not nice and people might misunderstood her. she took my advice in when i said that it was for her own good. and i then i took my time to talk to everyone and i was good. when it's time to go home, me and bak gave a little farewell speech and then i teached my japanese juniors MY kind of handshake and they were pretty excited when i tell them the meaning of each movement and pressure applied. yeah the chemistry of a simple handshake.

when i was saying goodbye to asami chan, she almost bursts into tears. it was weird because we're not even that close hahaha but i stopped laughing when she said " i'm going to be very lonely when you're gone. it's been 3 years and we had so much memories together ". hmm.. is she for real? " aww it makes me sad too but i'm glad that i've met you all ".

and then there is this girl that i always forgets her name. she told me she was very happy whenever i greet her with my smile when we met on the street and she said that i helped her improve her self confidence when communicating with other people? hmm... i didn't know that i'm capable of doing that. but i was happy to see her 'change'. when i first met her, she just can't hold a very long conversation and she was very shy. now, she's a different person and she seems happier. good for her. but i still don't know what kind of contribution that i have done in her transformation process. and i still can't remember her name! one of the hardest japanese name to remember!

they gave me a big card containing everyone's messages and it was really sweet and it's going to be an invaluable memorabilia that surely i'm going to take a good care of hereafter. after the party, me, bak, seiha, hong, hitomi and mio went to saizeriya. and right after we sat on our table, i realized that i have not taken a single picture that night! arr! so i took out my mobile phone and snap some pictures before i forget again.


oh man, at last, finals is over !!! yeah! with the last repeat paper (論理回路 - ronrikairo - circuit logic) i took this morning, finally exams is over for me, at least in nagano. you can't image how relieved i am right now. alhamdulillah. now all i have to do is to submit my thesis paper and CHILL.

tonight the communication club is going to held a farewell party for us 5th year foreign students. it's karaoke and okonomiyaki time!

i got 1 month to prepare to move to akita. i really have no plans yet but i surely am going to use and enjoy my short break efficiently! i hope.

and i also would like to update my blog with what had happened during the exam period. exams, beauty salon, farewell party, mentally disoriented junior from thailand, all you can eat strawberry fest... it all happened during this time. i'm going to take my time and write EVERYTHING... i hope.

alhamdulillah. i'm so happy. until next time!

Thursday, March 01, 2007


today the school management department held the annual 'foreign student opinion exchange meeting' at the hotel kokusai 21 and i was looking forward to this meeting after the last day of final examination yesterday. so just like every year, the objective of the meeting is for them to hear us foreign students complain about EVERYTHING, and they feed us with delicious food and delicacies after we told them what they did wrong and how to do their own job. oh how i love the japanese.

so every year i have to come up with at least one complain (or rant) to bring to the table. even if i don't have anything to complain about, i just have to make one. ain't fun if i just sit there and listen to everybody yapping right? so this year, to make a long story short, the people from the cultural exchange club of apls village thinks that we foreign students are not so very social because we've not been involved with their organization so i just told them that they're wrong, we are socializing with our classmates and friends from the communication club and the main reason why we don't want to be involved with their activities is because they're all old and not young like us. i told them i felt unease when an older person wants to 'play' with me. ohh you should look at the face of those 3 geezers when i said it to their face that i don't want to click with their old stinking generation.

a lot of other issues were brought up, but the most bizzare one is the problem of anpan, the 3rd year information tech. student from thailand. being the only foreigner in class (just like the rest of us foreign students), he felt lonely and stressed out that he turned mental for a while and were treated at a mental hospital. i'm not kidding, the kid is absolutely flushed out and looked like a psychopath. no wonder no one wants to be friends with him. so he just blamed all of his problems on the senseis and students that were around him. he told the board that he doesn't agree with me when i said the japanese people are kind people. he talked more smack than i do! i must give 'em some credit! but i think he is wrong. it's his own fault that he didn't want to watch videos showing how cute leah dizon looks in a bunny outfit and let the stress out. wait a minute, what i mean is to have fun. don't be too serious all the time. studying and being the smartest kid in the class is not THE most important thing in the world.

after 2 hours of boring yada yada, we went downstairs to the dining room to eat !!! there were a lot of food and all of them are seafood delicacies! oh i love them more !!! that means i can eat all of the food! sushi, sashimi, kai yaki, gulatan, i ate them all. then we took some pictures and finished it off with a speech from the 5th students (including me). we were asked to tell the audience what was it like to be a nagano kousen student for 3 years. i didn't prepare anything so i just made a lame joke about how big the difference is between the speaking speed of the nihongo sensei and the engineering sensei when they're teaching. thank god everyone laughed. well, at the end of the meeting/party, i just can't believe it that i'm graduating from this school! 3 years felt so short!

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