Friday, February 15, 2008

school shooting

american school shootings. after the virginia tech massacre, it's like a trend now. the most recent school shooting in Northern Illinois that caused the life of 6, is the forth case in a week already. how could such monstrosity happen? how could young minds such as those killers be willing to took other people's life so randomly?

and it got me thinking. the real war the american should be fighting is not in iraq, afghanistan, syria or iran. it's in their own backyard, in their own community, in their own family.

the creation of dysfunctional individuals is not the effect of violent movies or video games. it's the collaborative effort of a community that despises people that are different and cannot accept LOSERS. America is a very competitive place to live that frown upon weakness and imperfections. they should really think about not thinking too much, take a chill pill and just relax. you don't have to smoke weed to make this world a better place, but you could be supportive to other people and just be nice to everyone. i know it's not an easy thing to decipher but all hope is still not lost. America is a falling empire, but that does not mean they should bring the people down with them.

banning guns to the public altogether could damper the arms business. but it surely could prevent these mass killings from happening again. or at least make it harder. so to the next US president: do the right thing!

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