Tuesday, April 08, 2008

dah lama tak review movie nih...

The Air I Breathe – 8.0
Four short stories involving 4 characters symbolising love, happiness, sorrow and pleasure; and the combination of the 4 made a pretty interesting movie. The stories evolve and were told to you like completing a puzzle. The 4 different stories that has no connection with each other at first, were eventually bind and sewn together to complete a tale. The way the stories were told is like Pulp Fiction + Momento or even maybe Lost; and these techniques worked well enough to hold you interest till the end.

Funky Forest: The First Contact (ナイスの森)- 7.8
This is. The MOST. WEIRDEST. Movie I’ve ever seen. In my entire LIFE! Featuring Japan’s best actors/actress like Tadanobu Asano, Rinko Kikuchi, Susumu Terajima, Kazue Fukiishi and Ryo Kase, to teenage idols like Shihori Kanjiya and Kaho; this movie is like a mix-tape that was made by a drunk alien from outer space that listens to jpop everyday. No main story nor narration what so ever. Just like a mix tape, each short story has its own taste of comedy. Soothing effect from the music. Weirdly brilliant!

Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street – 6.9
Violent, dark and surprisingly entertaining movie from the Johnny Depp + Tim Burton combination. I never liked musical movies, and Sweeney Todd does not made me change camps. The film is sometimes too serious, making it ridiculous and silly.

Meet The Spartans – 4.0
This film failed miserably as a comedy/parody movie because the jokes are not funny, repetitious, predictable and not creative at all. A parody seldom work when you copy the exact story line of the original source. The only joke that I found funny is when the main character kicked Britney Spears (holding her baby) into the abyss of darkness and ending up killing her and her heritage. Most of the jokes are basically bad slapstick ones, and it’s very, very dumb. Do yourself a favour and choose to punch your own nuts instead of watching this movie.

Jumper – 7.0
The trailer for the film is so cool; I just can’t help it but felt excited prior to seeing the movie. Unfortunately, this film failed to live up to the hype; and the main reasons to that are the weak story, sluggish scene progression and lack of focus. The poor acting does not help either. With that said, this is not total garbage because there are some moments that were cool, but its full potential was seriously hurt by the problem that I mentioned earlier. Just wait for Jumper 2.

Ayat-Ayat Cinta – 6.0
This Islamic-value-themed movie starts by introducing the main character as a young muslim who believes in his faith strongly and upholds Islamic values to the highest place. Not believing in the practice of dating, he decides carefully on the way he interacts with women; in hoping to find the right wife according to the Islamic ways. Yes, the first half of the film was quite interesting. Later on, his faith was put to the test when 4 women of different backgrounds entered his circle of interests; and this is confusing for the young muslim guy because weather you’re muslim or not, every young man and women is very horny to fuck. Unfortunately each character in the film lack depth and you just don’t care what will happen to them, except the main character Fahri. The film has little budget, and it shows in the fake Egyptian setting and the horrible camera work; and this really affected the realism of this Indonesian film. Bad acting, countless plot holes and lack in believability had severely damaged this potentially good film; making it no more better than a decent Philippine drama series that you could watch everyday during lunch break on RTM2. When I finished watching the movie, I cannot help myself but felt being cheated by the pretty o-goody Islamic shell that the movie possesses; the only Islamic thing about the whole movie is the (fake) setting! Take that out and all that is left is nothing but a mediocre love story; and you'll be scratching your head trying to find value of love in the movie because it was so thin. Watching this movie is like eating a cheap bubblegum; yummy at first but your expectations were betrayed fairly quickly. Is this a terrible movie? No. It definitely resonate good Islamic messages and portrayed a rather unique issue. Is it a waste of my time? Yes. It’s boring, too long and lack focus; resulting in the lost of interest to follow the jumpy storylines. They should have made this into a theatre instead; the music screams EPIC!!!

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