Thursday, April 10, 2008

sepuluh hari bulan empat

i do my shopping for new clothes only once or twice a year, and i chose today to buy some new clothes because suddenly i got bored of the adidas jumper that i've been wearing for the past 4 years.

i bought a blue jacket and a long sleeve shirt. i don't really care about fashion, but i believe in dressing decently. i think the shirt matched the jacket well enough. i don't buy any pants because i got more than i needed; plus i bought a new levis jeans last year, and that should last me another 2-4 years.

on the way back, i got stopped by (again!) christian missionaries! and this time, they're americans! they said they're not from the jehovah witness church, but some other church that i don't remember the name. i don't know what is wrong with these christian missionaries; they are very friendly at first but when i said that i'm a muslim, the 'friendly' expression on their faces changed into 'troubled'.

they got nothing to worry about because i forgot to bring my bomb-strapped-jacket along.

but it got me thinking; why are there so many christian missionaries here in akita? when i was in nagano, i never met these people. maybe these missionaries are attracted to the 3 things that are famous in akita: the komachi rice, the komachi sake and the akita bijin (美人-pretty girls). looks like the christian youth, just like the muslim youth, are also horny to fuck?!

hahaha i'm just kidding. being horny to fuck got nothing to do with any religion. it's a natural thing.

maah, forget about that; what is more important is that i got my xbox360 back from the repair shop; and it's all free of charge! fuck yeah! now i can get my game on again! i already ordered condemned: bloodshot; can't wait to play that and be spooked out of my mind!

last week i ate udon. then i took the picture below at a 100yen shop.

lastly, to end this totally random post; a peaceful picture of aragaki yui being trapped inside a shower of artificial rain. she should do more stuff like this. so sweet, so relaxing.

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