Friday, May 30, 2008

mgs4 鋼-HAGANE-

finally, after being thrown back and forth by the idea of having another gaming console, i have decided to go on and place an order for a Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots Playstation 3 Premium Pack (Gunmetal Gray Colour 鋼-HAGANE-) on for 51800yen.


it's going to be good.

can't wait for 12th june.

Here's a full list of the bundle's contents:
・MGS4 Special Edition software (Metal Gear Online starter pack/2-layer blu-ray disc)
・PlayStation 3 MGS4 original color model "Hagane" (40 GB model) x 1
・Wireless controller (DUALSHOCK®3 "Hagane")
・MGS4 original color model "Hagane" x 1
・Special video blu-ray disc x 1
・Power cable x 1, AV cable x 1, USB cable x 1

thank you my sponsors, for making me a filthy rich scum!


  1. OMG. You and me both.

    I ordered the Gun Metal Gray bundle too! Here in the US. For USD599. XD

    But eh kejap, I thought in Japan dah lama dah sold out?

  2. o adilla i didn't know you read my blogs!

    i know you're a fangirl of mgs too so high five! :)

    yg sold out tu kat konami store. ni amazon punya.

    so have you been holding out all this time just to wait for a mgs4 ps3, like me?

  3. *high five*

    Yeah I've been waiting XD because I decided I'd buy my PS3 only when a game that I really REALLY want to play comes out. And the first one to come out turns out to be MGS4 XD.

    I've actually been holding out for a white PS3 (to match my white PS2) but US only has the black one... tapi ada rumors pulak the white akan datang. Then when I heard the gunmetal was coming out, I was like "Ahh screw the white one, I'm getting the gunmetal!"

    This is my first time in your blog actually. Munsif yang tunjuk. I see that I am linked in this site - I didn't know YOU read my blog! XD

  4. wait a min, it's USD599 there? wooh mahal gila!

    i like your writing in your blog, especially when you're having a problem or a mishap. :)

    *counting the days till 12th june !!!


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