Tuesday, May 27, 2008

playstation3: to buy or not to buy

decisions, decisions.

the fourth and latest instalment of my favourite gaming series, metal gear solid, is coming out this june. i'm so excited and extremely hyped about the game because i really like the series; been a keen fan from the first game.

the problem is, it's only on the sony playstation 3.

i, don't have a playstation 3.

so i have to buy a playstation 3.


other than metal gear solid 4: guns of the patriots, there is no other ps3 exclusive game that 1. i knew of 2. i want to play 3. is already or coming out in the near future that i'm interested in ; so i'm kinda in a dilemma now. is the ps3 going to be a good investment?

of course it doubles as a decent blu-ray player, and they have just started the blu-ray movie rental service at the local rental shop; which is a very tempting selling point.

console wars sucks, man.

decisions, decisions.

if i were to buy a ps3, i'd surely go all out and buy the special edition, mgs4 premium package. it got everything that a mgs fan would be drooling to get his/her hands on.

arr i wanna play mgs4 !!!


  1. What about Resident Evil 5 and Silent Hill 5?

    Although it's not confirmed yet, but I'm pretty sure those are gonna be PS3 exclusive ^^ (especially SH5).

    And what about FFXIII? And Zone of the Enders 3?

    Ok all of those are not coming out in the near future, but a lot of people like Uncharted: Drake's Fortune :D. (I wanted to say Assassin's Creed but you can play that on your 360)

    But anyway, MGS4 is worth buying a PS3 for! ^^

  2. hey, you forgot to mention the 'halo-killer' KILLZONE 2 ! hmm i don't like fps on the consoles though.

    zone of the anders is a kojima game right? never played the series.

    uncharted and rachet&clank looks good. i have assassin's creed on the 360 but i hated the repetitiveness of the missions.

    i'm planning to get uncharted, racher&clank and ninja gaiden sigma after finishing mgs4.

    it's going to be beeeautiful!

    now, mgs4 better be worth buying the ps3 + the long wait.

    kojima kantoku, tanonda zo !

  3. Oh man, you HAVE to play Zone of the Enders 2: The 2nd Runner. Don't bother playing the first one - it wasn't produced by Kojima anyway (but ZOE 2 was).

    It's not a long game, too - 5-7 hours maybe? But it's the most awesome and prettiest robot action game I've ever played. And the mechs were designed by Yoji Shinkawa ^^. Great story, great voice acting, great music, etc.

  4. i'll make sure to check it out.. but i don't have a ps2 right now, and the ps3 that i ordered can't play ps2 games...

    still haven't played god of war 2, ico...

    arrr do i need to buy a ps2 now? hahaha.


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