Wednesday, July 16, 2008

exams for the week

damn i so hate exams.

tomorrow : robotic engineering (ロボット工学)
the day after tomorrow : system engineering (制御工学)

these two are my most hated subjects in my degree course.

i've lost interest in robot-development through that robotic engineering subject. i thought doing robotics is cool, before i have to actually learn the basics and fundamental theories/theories of methods of moving a simple 3-point based robotic arm. the calculation is ridiculous!

i hate robots. robots will conquer the world and it will enslave us humans. you know, like in the movies, like the matrix.

so it would be better if they stop teaching robotic engineering and replace it with more human-friendly subjects,

like how to make a cute girl smile,

or how to teach your cat how to flush the toilet,

or how to eat ice-cream the right way so that it won't drip and leave a stain on your shirt,

during this hot summer season.

robotic engineering and system engineering comes hand in hand, so maybe that is why i hate them both, equally.

but there is no use of me ranting about this.

i should just do my best to pass the paper.

then, i won't have to worry about robots anymore.

but our grand-grandsons will have to;

because robots will conquer the world!

arrr arrr arrr !!!


  1. "because robots will conquer the world!

    arrr arrr arrr !!!"

    >saiko2...tah2 ade golden army skali kan?..tkut gak<

  2. tiramisu3:53 PM

    exam pressure 100x lebih seronok than working hard like crazy!

    * if, i can rewind the time~~

  3. being a student IS fun, but only when the exams is over.

    i wanna work and make the big mooneyyss!!!


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