Friday, January 30, 2009

thesis writing and old japanese nurses

At last, my professor is satisfied with the results of the latest experimental addition to my research material, and finally approved of me to go ahead and finalize all the experiment data accumulated, so that I could wrap my mind around my thesis and start writing it.

At last, I didn’t have to go through those repetitively tedious experiments anymore, and focus more on what is important; that is critical thinking and constructed assumption through proven data.

At last, I could start harvesting fruits from my efforts.

I know I’m going to be busier the next 11 days, but this is not a time to whine.


Anyways, yesterday I went to Nakatsu Health Clinic to go through a required medical check up that my (future) company asked all their 新人社員 (new employees) to go through.

I arrived at the clinic 15 minutes earlier than my appointment, and I went straight to the 受付カウンター (reception counter).

“ Ah, Muhamado Taufikku Ari San, we have been expecting you. Now take this cup and piss in it, please…”

I hate urine test, but I got no other choice.

The urine cup they gave me is actually quite interesting though, because at the bottom of the cup, it had blue marks, like a bull’s-eye, so that the pisser could target his piss into the cup correctly.

Anyways, I pissed long and hard that even the big cup couldn’t hold all of my piss together, and some of it got spilled and the cup got messy. I pity the nurse that’s going to take my cup, because it is all wet… and warm.

Sorry :p

Then I went through the usual routines, blood tests, height and weight, hearing and seeing ability, lung capacity, cardio-magna-electric test etc.

Anyways, if you haven’t known already, I have a weird fetish for Japanese nurses; and I can’t tell you how excited I am to meet real life nurses.

But through yesterday’s experience, I have found something else about my fetish for Japanese nurses; it only applies to ‘young and pretty’ nurses only.

The nurses in the clinic are mostly in their late 30s or 40s, and I didn’t felt the same excitement that I have with nurses in their 20s.

Anyways, I don’t know whether I’m exaggerating the situation or not, but I think this one old nurse (maybe in her late 40s) who is taking care of me through out the whole process, tries her every chance to touch me.

I am dead serious.

Like when I need to take off my clothes for the cardiovascular routine, she tries to do it for me, kinda in a forceful way. I was like “hey I can take my clothes off by myself!” but she insisted to do it.

And as I lie half-naked on the bed exposed to the dangerous eyes and wrinkly hands of the old Japanese nurse, she keeps tapping my chest, stomach, arms and legs; saying that she is trying to find the right ‘spot’ to stick the sensors.

I know I might be exaggerating this, but I seriously think that the touching is overly done, because I actually felt uncomfortable.

Then when I went to see the doctor to check my lungs, once again she lifts up my shirt, like I can’t do it by myself!

Well, of course, if the nurse is a pretty young nurse with an innocent smile, I won’t mind the excessive touching, at all. In fact, I would even pay her to touch my other body-parts… but this is an old lady with a make-up like a geisha that I’m referring to here.

Anyways, these kinds of traumatic experiences could have a dire effect on one's emotional stability, as being proven by studies performed on those sexually abused in the past. So to prevent such horrible acts of inhumanity to ever be forced upon my helpless body (and mind) ever again, next time I'm getting a medical check-up, I will make it my utmost priority to make sure that the clinic that I chose to have the medical check-up routine, would have an ample supply of young, pretty and hot nurses.

I’m a sensitive person.



  1. helloooo nurse!~
    count me in bro. btw are you sure that was old lady or okama?

    maybe they have fetish for young boy with dark skin.. ngeh³

  2. molested by a nurse??? HAHA

  3. Anonymous5:47 AM

    haha. pervert jugak japanese woman ek? oitt taopix, ni hasnun ni. what a nice blog u have. keep it up. anyway, mung still keje kat japan after habis belajar? economy crisis ni tok effect industry kat sana ko? kat germany ni byk jugak company2 related to automotive affected.

  4. to korn:
    okama!!! oh noes that would be a nightmare!

    to b@bi golek:
    i don't mind being molested by nurses, as long as she's young and her boob is still not saggy. LOL!

    to hustatic:
    yap aku still kerja sini juga. jepun ni kan ekonomi 2nd biggest kat dunia, so effect economy crisis nih memang besar. dah la jepun nih negara yg bergantung kepada trade import-export... tambah lagi yen makin mahal skang. with that said, aku still nak kerja sini. sebab aku tak rugi apa2 pon. kalo dah betul2 teruk sampai aku rasa lagi elok kerja kat mesia, baru la balik kerja mesia. atau pon bila aku dah bosan gila duk jepun. hahaha kita tengok yg mana satu akan berlaku.

  5. still not saggy??
    nway japanese surely have nice boobs..

  6. Anonymous12:45 AM

    OMG..kalo camtu nurse kat jepun, aku pn nak gi jepun wat medical checkup. xkisah la dia nak pegang kat mana pon. aku relaaaa =P

  7. adik-beradik tag team letak comment !


    haa mai la jepun cenun.

    tapi kalo dapat nurse mcam dalam gamba tu, sapa2 pon nak buat medical check up kat sini hahaha.

    anyways, young nurses memang hotzzz!

  8. hahaha
    asal ko tk siku jerk nurse tuh,.

  9. nak aje siku rasa nya, tapi everything was happening in an accelerated motion, ku tak bisa bertindak pantas.


    next thing to do before i die: get molested by a hot nurse!


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