Sunday, February 08, 2009

i'm not no 7 anymore

i used to be no 7.

now i'm supposedly the guy with the best sense of humor among my peers in facebook.

unfortunately, the guy with the best sense of humor, is also the craziest.

you just can't separate the two.

and the weirdest thing is,

it seems like i also have the hottest body.

so should i re-consider my career planning and strive to be a stand-up comedian and also a metro-sexual stripper at clubs exclusive to lonely women with money?

now i have a hard choice to make.

become an engineer.

or a comedian stripper.

i want to be both but i can't because i'm crazy!

oh, the complexity of life!

but at the end, i chose to be an engineer.

because i could never be as cool or as hard-working as a comedian whose basic routine is slapping his six-pack abs.....

with his penis.

just imagine the hard work.

that is why right now i am going back to work on my thesis presentation.


this is just a silly joke. of course i am not that self-centered to really believe that i am funny, crazy and have the best body all at the same time! and no ladies, i cannot slap my abs with my penis, so please don't ask. i'm asian, remember?

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