Wednesday, June 17, 2009

new discoveries

one of my co-workers got lucky yesterday.

he lives on the upper floors of the same apartment that i currently resides.

it was around 10 at night, and when he looked outside his window, he noticed that the resident living in this other apartment located just across the road, forgot to curtain-up her windows.

all men were born with curious eyes.

then he could see the girl in her room came out from the showers, and only after she finishes to blow her hair and changed clothes that she realized that her window was open for my lucky co-worker's visual enjoyment.

this is not the reason why i'm writing this.

i'm writing this because just now i was informed that the apartment that i mentioned above was actually a female dormitory for aoyama gakuin university students!

and i could see them hanging their camisoles and stockings from my window!

oh man, even the thought of this gives me mid-night boners.


hahaha anyways, i was inspired to write about this after i read one mind-opening article by one of my ex-schoolmates. it's about taking a step back to look at the world in a wider view point.

i should also sometimes take a step back, and appreciate my nearest surroundings first before searching for interesting things in far away places.

the majority of people reading this would think that this is nothing more than creepy perverseness, but i think it's just harmless little sweetness of living in a city where apartments are located very close to each other.

i'm going to pay more attention towards my windows now.


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