Monday, March 10, 2008

G Election: the aftermath

My previous post about the general election basically reflected my concerns about the future stability of Malaysia, of whether this change is going to be good or bad. Shouting ‘viva la revolucion’ while waving your favourite opposition party’s flag is cool, but don’t be too excited just because the government that you hate had lost big time. When the winning celebration is over, when everyone stops congratulating each other because they help contribute in this historic moment of our country, the party stops and the real serious issues comes in to stick the needle of reality back into our veins.

Can PKR establish a clean, transparent government that competitively provides an economic solution that benefits everyone? Can DAP create the ideal secular society that treats the rakyat equally and fair? Can PAS deliver on their promise to keep welfare/social development in parallel with the spiritual prosperity? Who knows? Those questions seem to be too ‘pretty’ to be realized in this dirty world of ours anyways. Let’s just hope they don’t fuck things up worse than any political party before it.

Heavy lumps of HUGE responsibility had been exchanged during this general election, and the people sitting on the other end should be prepared.

With that said, the rakyat still has not lost their hope in the National Front. The National Front is still, the governing power that needs every ounce of support from the hopeful rakyats if it wants to change. Will the rakyat’s desire to see a positive change and significant improvements in the way the government deals with problems that need decisive decisions, be fulfilled? Will the huge loss be the big slapping hand that wakes up our leaders to pull their socks and stop fucking around with their little dicks; and start to hear what the rakyat has to say, and respect their opinions? Who knows?

My hope is that this general election makes both alliances a better governing power. I hope both the opposition and the government did their best to cater to the dire needs of the rakyat. I hope the competition would eventually benefit the rakyat, just like the competition that AMD brings into the microchip market that leads to INTEL going into ‘awesome mode’ and eventually kicked AMD’s ass in term of technology to eventually benefit the customers; because that is all that matters: the customer, or in this context, the rakyat.

I wish good luck to both the opposition coalition and the National Front. Now get back to work, and make sure you don’t fuck us up! BOTH of you!!!

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